Relations and beyond conference, 2023 March 21-23 in Rovaniemi

21.3.2023 0:00–0:00

The Finnish Anthropological Society is organizing for the first-time conference in Rovaniemi. The theme is Relations and beyond.

The three keynote speakers, which have made a permanent impact in the anthropological research, are Dame Marilyn Strathern from University of Cambridge, Tim Ingold from University of Aberdeen and Piers Vitebsky from University of Cambridge. The organizer is Arctic Anthropological team which aims to bring this marginal field to international attentions.

Call for papers!

Arctic Anthropological team is calling for papers, read more from the address: 

Conference organising committee:

Anthropology Research Team, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland: Florian Stammler, Nuccio Mazzullo, Teresa Komu, Panu Itkonen and Ria-Maria Adams.


Nuccio Mazzullo
Senior researcher
Arctic Centre, University of Lapland