Arktikum Science Centre exhibition takes visitors to Voyages Beyond

30.11.2012 14:41
New Arctic Centre exhibition reveals the power of shamanhood by taking visitors to voyages beyond – and back. Voyages Beyond is based on the field work done by Professor Juha Pentikäinen.

Shamans are healers, epic-singers, sages and seers with a connection to Beyond. They know diseases of the body and voyages of the mind. Shamanhood is still dominated by clan-families in Central and South-Eastern Siberia.

Professor Juha Pentikäinen has travelled at the Lower Amur River in Siberia, Russian, where he became friends with two strong Nanai shamanesses, Lindza Beldy and Maria Petrovna.

Lindza Beldy and grandson. Photo: Juha Pentikäinen collection.

Lindza Beldy was a known healer and she belonged to Wild dog clan. Maria Petrovna was part of the bear clan, and she was feared and respected by others. When she was taken to a hospital, she did not want to die but kept drumming incessantly, believing that the spirits keep her alive.

“She died while having a drum still in her hand. Petrovna was so strong shaman that people said she took with her a boatload of young people who drowned during that winter”, Professor Pentikäinen describes.

Petrovna said as her last will that her drum and collection of spirits should be given to the man from behind of Leningrad, Juha Pentikäinen. This exceptional legacy is now on view at the Arktikum Science Centre, Rovaniemi.

Voyages Beyond at Arktikum Science Centre, December 3, 2012 – May 5, 2013.
Exhibition is part of the Arktikum 20th Anniversary Celebrations.

Maria Petrovna drums. Photo: Juha Pentikäinen collection

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