Arctic Science Communications 2008 - 2009

The Science Communications unit at the Arctic Centre communicates on Arctic issues to national and international experts and the general public through multiple channels, as websites and media. The Science communications is a strategic partner of the library, research and science centre exhibition at the Arctic Centre.

The Science Communications unit has important role in the information management in the Barents Euro-Arctic region. The Barents Euro-Arctic Council and the Barents Regional Council selected the Arctic Centre's Science Communications to implement the information strategy. Related to this, four year contract was signed in 2007 with the International Barents Secretariat (IBS). According the contract the Science Communications hosts and maintains the official website of the Barents Council and comprehensive information portal on Barents region The Science Communications also developes in cooperation with IBS the general information and data management and utilization of new communications technologies.

 Wintery picture of Arctic Centre's home Arktikum House in Rovaniemi. Picture by Arto Vitikka from the Science communications.
The Arctic Centre's Science Communications provides also photographs for the websites and other communicational channels.

Hosted websites and databases 2008 - 2009

- Presents the Arctic Centre and its activities as well as current news and events
- Provides information on the Arctic regions and how research done at the Arctic Centre is addressing many of the current issues in the changing Arctic
- Compiles information on the institutes and organisations which are doing arctic and cold climate related research in Finland.
- General portal to the Barents region
- Maps, photos and links 
- News and event in the Barents region
- Articles giving overview on different topics
- Official website of the Barents Euro-Arctic Cooperation
-  Arctic Centre developed and implemented a database for the official documents of the Barents Euro-Arctic cooperation. The database was integrated into the website

Databases developed 2008 - 2009

- Arctic Documentary Films - contains information on approximately 35 000 documentary films from the Barents region.
- International Directory of Arctic Social Scientists (IDASS)
- Arctic research institutes - contains information on research and education  institutions world wide dealing with the Arctic or Antarctic


Science Communications is the Finnish contact institute in the Standing Committee on Antarctic Data Management. The task  of the Arctic Centre is to help facilitate co-operation between scientists and nations with regard to scientific data. The Arctic Centre advises on the development of the Antarctic Data Directory System and plays a major role in the International Polar Year data system.

Science Communications was also an expert partner in a project that created the Destination North website which gives an introduction to the animals, plants and natural phenomenon in the northern Finland, Norway and Russia. This is a website which uses a lot of graphics, photos and videos and gives popularized information on the topics.

Science Communications had a presentation at the Barents Library Conference in September 2009 in Umeå, Sweden.

Science Communications had an important role in coordinating and realizing the 20th Anniversary Seminar and Open Doors afternoon together with the Arctic Centre's administration, researchers and science centre exhibition staff.