Arctic Centre's ibrary and its collections 2008 - 2009

The library in the Arktikum is a significant part of the Science Communications at the Arctic Centre. While data collections on the Arctic regions are being developed and built in the Science Communications, the library aims at efficient patron-oriented service. Around 40,000 people visit the library annually.

The library with its thousands of books and journal volumes of arctic and northern issues and with 10 000 e-journals is open to the public at large. Besides Finnish and foreign scientists and administrative authorities, library patrons include people from business life, students, school pupils and tourists needing information on arctic and northern issues.

The library serves congress participants at the Arktikum by providing workstations, internet connections and specialised services for the events.

Scientific and popular literature relating to arctic and northern issues is purchased keeping in mind the different interests and different levels of background information of different patron groups.

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Book exhibitions 2008 - 2009

The library and information service have taken also an active role in science communication by producing book exhibitions, book launches and other events in close cooperation with the research units and the Science Centre. The regular book exhibition activity started in 2008 with "Sinisin silmin Siperiaan" book exhibition. The book exhibition presented the Finnish explorers who went to arctic Siberia during the Autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland that existed in 1809–1917 under the Russian Empire.

In the summer 2009 the library had book exhibition "Arktiset aarteet" (Arctic Treasures) by Lappi luo working programme, Luova project (MTT Rovaniemi, Pro Agria Lappi and Lapland's 4H) and Arctic Centre's Science Communications. The book exhibition dealed the use of the Northern the wild flowers, plants and berries as  medication, herbs, spices and delicacys.

Arctic Centre’s 20th Anniversary Book Exhibition in the autumn 2009 on the challenges of international cooperation in polar regions offered an extensive collection of the Arctic Centre’s research from the past 20 years related to international relations and international law at Polar Regions. Also general books describing the Polar Regions in general and the effects of climate change were presented.

Before Christmas 2009 book exhibition Across the Arctic Ocean was opened. The book Exhibition presented Russian Arctic explorers and their expeditions from the beginning of 18th century to the end of 20th century. Across the Arctic Ocean – book exhibition introduced both well–known and forgotten Russian Arctic navigators. They repeatedly set sails very dangerous, hard and sometimes their last expeditions.

The variety Russian literature and unique pictures of Arctic Expeditions are collected to the Arctic Centre. The exhibition asked: ”What makes people to go to the Arctic Region? Is their sacrifice worth the goal?

Cooperation networks

The library is developing cooperation network with libraries in Murmansk and Archangels and the National Library of Komi Autonomous Republic. The purpose of the cooperation is information and material exchange for library and educational purposes.

The library personnel takes part in the Lapponica information service and also in the Finnish web service 'Ask the librarian' at together with the Lapponica team.

The library is also aiming at better cooperation with other actors in the Arktikum area: the Science Centre, the Provincial Museum of Lapland and Metsähallitus. The purpose of the cooperation is to coordinate all the services to visitors and to create new services for e.g. school pupils.

The library will work from the beginning of the year 2010 organizationally as an independent unit of the Library of the higher education in Lapland but functionally according to the strategic mission and goals of the Science Communications of the Arctic Centre.