Arctic Anthropology Blog
  • Siberia Geography Postdoc wanted

    13.8.2017 10:39

    Our colleagues in Vienna have this interesting job opening in a project that combines anthropology and GIS in the area of the East Siberian railway region (BAM, AYAM). Interested? then read on The University of Vienna seeks to fill the … Continue reading

  • Language contacts in the Arctic

    5.8.2017 18:37

    August 31 is the deadline for paper submissions to a congress in Moscow. Judging from the keynote speakers, this should be also very interesting for us anthropologists, because it’s not only about hard core linguistic studies, but very much about … Continue reading

  • Job offer: sustainability Professor

    1.7.2017 15:26

    Hope everybody is enjoying the summer. For those who prefer to read announcements at this time, here is an interesting one. Hopefully many of ‘our people’ apply, so maybe we get another great cooperation partner for our team into the … Continue reading