Northern Political Economy Blog
  • NPE Symposium 2017 - Political Arctic/Arctic Political

    5.10.2017 3:00

    The 2017 NPE Symposium “Political Arctic/Arctic Political” took place in Ylitornio 26-27 September. An international group of participants from the Nordic countries, Russia, Bangladesh and Mongolia shared their ideas about everyday life in the Arctic

Arctic Anthropology Blog
  • Job for Anthropology lecturer, Oulu

    5.10.2017 11:06

    If many of our colleagues send their application to this job offer, we may be able to get another Arctic anthropologist to our team. Please consider, it’s a great and rare opportunity. The Faculty of Humanities of the University … Continue reading


Exhibition by Anna Stammler-Gossmann presents life and change in the Arctic

This poster exhibition “People, Places and Change” of Dr. Anna Stammler-Gossman is open in Rovaniemi in the University of Lapland’s Kopio Gallery on October 3-19, 2017.

ECoHuCy workshop in London

Enablement besides Constraints: Addressing a Cyber Multidisciplinary Framework for the Promotion of Human Security in the European High North (ECoHuCy) project partners met up on September 18th 2017 at the British Academy in London. This was the second project meeting in which partners presented the current state of their research efforts and discussed the project’s future trajectories. The meeting was organised by Swansea University.

  • Presidentti Trump ei voi nyt irtisanoutua Pariisin ilmastosopimuksesta

    2.6.2017 12:37

    Eilen kuulimme jo pitkään odotetun vastauksen kysymykseen, mikä on presidentti Trumpin suhde Pariisin ilmastosopimukseen. Hän ilmoitti, että Yhdysvallat vetäytyy sopimuksesta. Vaikka Trump olisi pitänyt Yhdysvallat sopimuksen jäsenenä, hän olisi joka tapauksessa sen velvoitteita rikkonut: tähänastiset toimet todistavat tämän.