The Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland is a significant expert institution in Arctic issues. Global Change Research Group studies ecological, environmental and social changes. Sustainable Development Research Group examines how societies and communities adapt to change. The Northern Institute of Environmental and Minority Law specialises in environmental issues and human rights.


The Arctic Centre provides information services both through its library and its Science Communications Unit. The Arktikum library is open to the public. The Science Communications Unit gathers and disseminates information. It maintains online services specialising in the Arctic and the Barents Region and offers numerous links to Arctic information and organizations.


Arktikum Science Centre popularises Arctic research and science through exhibitions encouraging active participation, provides educational programmes for schools, and arranges public events. The Arctic in Change exhibition takes visitors on a trip through the fascinating Arctic telling about its natural conditions, cultural richness and modern changes.


ArcticFinland is your portal to Finnish Arctic politics, discussion, research and economy. The portal collects links to original sources. ArcticFinland is operated by the Science Communications Unit of the Arctic Centre.

•   Star Festival: Arctic light and darkness
26.2.2016–28.2.2016. Place: Arktikum
•   The XVI Nordic Congress of Wildlife Research
31.5.2016–3.6.2016. Place: Arktinen keskus / Arctic Centre
•   Arctic Market Days
16.12.2016–18.12.2016. Place: Arktikum

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