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  • Arctic resilience(s)

    6.3.2017 13:00

    Research Professor Monica Tennberg is giving some remarks about the RESCuE project findings regarding the household resilience in the time of socio-economic crisis in Europe

Arctic Anthropology Blog

Video reportage on the living Sami cultural heritage.

The Arctic Centre’s project Sami traditional knowledge and environmental decision making identified Sami traditional knowledge related to land use so that it can be better taken into account when making decisions about biodiversity and sustainable development, as well as the rights of the Sami people.

Towards the new UArctic research network on Arctic migration

In 2017 a new research team for the Arctic Centre and a new UArctic Thematic Network in the field of Arctic migration might be established. Nafisa Yeasmin, researcher of the Arctic Centre and initiator of the network, explains why there is a need to create a cross-national group of scientists researching the topic of migration to the North.