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  • Have we ever been human?

    24.5.2017 10:01

    Research Seminar of the Faculty of Social Sciences with the theme ‘Situating the Self Ethically, Academically and in Society’ took place in Ranua, May 15-16. On the second day of the seminar a panel was arranged with the tittle ‘Discussion on Ethics, Species and Agents in the Posthuman World’ chaired by Associate Professor Outi Rantala with the invited panelists Veera Kinnunen, Florian Stammler, Nuccio Mazzullo, and Joonas Vola. Here is the post-scriptum of our NPE panelist based on his talk on ‘Ethics of the Post-human’.

Arctic Anthropology Blog

Historical legacies in the northern tundra ecosystem

The approach represents a scientific field called historical ecology, which is relatively new discipline and combines ecological research methods with humanities in order to gain deeper understanding on ecological processes and the human role in them

Arctic Centre's Annual Report 2016

Arctic Centre's Annual Report 2016 is now published.

  • Presidentti Trump ei voi nyt irtisanoutua Pariisin ilmastosopimuksesta

    2.6.2017 12:37

    Eilen kuulimme jo pitkään odotetun vastauksen kysymykseen, mikä on presidentti Trumpin suhde Pariisin ilmastosopimukseen. Hän ilmoitti, että Yhdysvallat vetäytyy sopimuksesta. Vaikka Trump olisi pitänyt Yhdysvallat sopimuksen jäsenenä, hän olisi joka tapauksessa sen velvoitteita rikkonut: tähänastiset toimet todistavat tämän.