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  • Visiting Researcher in the Arctic - Giuseppe Amatulli

    24.10.2016 13:00

    Giuseppe is a visiting researcher and a member of the team “Northern Communities – Northern Possibilities”. His research focuses on the Sami people's rights, new ways of inclusion and participation in the management and exploitation of natural resources found in their lands.

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Miten ihmisoikeudet toteutuvat arktisella alueella?

Suomi, EU ja saamelaisten asema -seminaari Inarissa 7.10.2016

  • Digitalising High North – On Whose Benefit?

    23.9.2016 8:00

    Digitalisation is often approached as an uninterrogatable external force of nature which turns structures, practices and processes around. Those to excel in the turmoil are those willing to adapt to its conditions and requirements. What becomes forgotten, is that the appearance and outlook of digitalised societies is an outcome of manifaceted human policies, negotiations, bargaining and calculations.