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Researcher of the month: Susanna Pirnes


Susanna Pirnes is a PhD researcher at the University of Lapland and a member of the NPE research team of the Arctic Centre. Her research focuses on the conceptual history of the Arctic in Russia.   

NPE symposium 2016 - Everyday life in the Arctic


The annual NPE symposium took place in Rovaniemi on the 8-9th of September 2016. International researchers and experts came together with members of the Northern Political Economy team to exchange results, knowledge and ideas with respect to changes and developments in the everyday life in the Arctic.   

Nordic project to study local views on indigenous rights and Arctic development


Recognising indigenous rights and local perspectives on Arctic development –project aims to bring in the importance of local views and the recognition of indigenous peoples’ rights with comparative recording of their dynamics in Greenland, Norway and Finland.   

Seven commandments of peaceful co-existence in a cooperative enterprise


These are seven piggy’s steps away from the society, but one board’s rush towards a cooperative enterprise. How many can you trace in your own community?   

Colors of Nuuk - Hopes, Aspirations and Visions from Greenland


Marjo Lindroth brings her research greetings from Nuuk, Greenland, where she had a great opportunity to visit the Parliament of Greenland and the Arctic Circle Greenland Forum to reflect on the current issues concerning the development of the rights of indigenous people.   

International Political Economy of a Ballpoint Pen


In the spirit of the Free Speech Week, let us have a closer look to the might of a pen, a mundane item and product of industrial design, with three sides, representing nation, state and enterprise.    

Visiting Author: Teemu Palosaari - Arctic Climate Change Ethics


Teemu Palosaari, a post-doctoral researcher from the Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI), will launch the new Northern Political Economy blog series as the first visiting author with his text concerning the "Arctic Paradox" and the issue of climate change ethics.   

Sense and Sensibility in Encountering Immigration


Project coordinator and researcher Nafisa Yeasmin, with ethnic background and specialized on ethnic issues, is raising up a challenging issue on ethical and emotional encounters from her double-position, and addressing new hope to be found from action research conducted among immigrants.   

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