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NPE Symposium 2017 - Political Arctic/Arctic Political


The 2017 NPE Symposium “Political Arctic/Arctic Political” took place in Ylitornio 26-27 September. An international group of participants from the Nordic countries, Russia, Bangladesh and Mongolia shared their ideas about everyday life in the Arctic   

Cycle and Sustain, or There and Back Again


Researcher Joonas Vola tells a story about his attempt to conduct ethnographic fieldwork by following the ideals of environmental and economic sustainability    

Sámi Religion and Art as Systems of Embedded Knowledge


Francis Joy, Doctoral Candidate at the University of Lapland, presents his dissertation concerning the study of Sámi Religion and Art    

Coexisting Peacefully - Colloquium Images and Imaginaries


The 2nd Peaceful Coexistence Colloquium - Reimagining Ethics and Politics of Space for the Anthropocene 6.-9.6.2017 took place in Pyhätunturi. Here are some of the highlights.   

Refiguring laundry


Research Professor Monica Tennberg participated the 13th Nordic Environmental Social Science Conference, 6-8th June 2017, in Tampere, Finland. What washing laundry has to do with it all?   

Have we ever been human?


Research Seminar of the Faculty of Social Sciences with the theme ‘Situating the Self Ethically, Academically and in Society’ took place in Ranua, May 15-16. On the second day of the seminar a panel was arranged with the tittle ‘Discussion on Ethics, Species and Agents in the Posthuman World’ chaired by Associate Professor Outi Rantala with the invited panelists Veera Kinnunen, Florian Stammler, Nuccio Mazzullo, and Joonas Vola. Here is the post-scriptum of our NPE panelist based on his talk on ‘Ethics of the Post-human’.   

First edition of the Winter School on 'Energy Transition in the North'


Giuseppe Amatulli, PhD Candidate and member of the Sustainable Development Research Group, is giving some remarks regarding the first edition of the Arctic Winter School   

Arctic resilience(s)


Research Professor Monica Tennberg is giving some remarks about the RESCuE project findings regarding the household resilience in the time of socio-economic crisis in Europe   

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