• stammler-children-from-camp-2-playing-on-a-pasture-close-to-an-oil-rig-on-the-toravei-deposit-nenets-ao-barents-region-russia.jpg

    Call for Participants: UArctic Thematic Network “Arctic Extractive Industries” Phd and Masters course

    21.6.2017 9:33

    Security, Geopolitics, and Governance Challenges in relation to Arctic Extractive Industries

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  • matleenan laukku_Tanja Sanila_Tunturin helmet_media_550.jpg

    Tuõddri Peeʹrel - Pearls from the Tundra exhibition in Arktikum

    9.6.2017 10:05

    The exhibition at the Arktikum Science Centre in Rovaniemi introduces the audience to Skolt Sámi culture, handicrafts and traditions. The fascinating photographs convey the beauty of the surroundings of the Skolt Sámi and the richness of their culture. They show us details of the Skolt Sámi clothing tradition, skillfully crafted objects, and a living Skolt Sámi culture.

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  • rovaniemi_arctic_spirit_banneri_550.jpg
  • arcticfinladryhmäkuva_550x367.jpg

    A new window now open to Finland´s Arctic activities

    5.6.2017 10:00

    The ArcticFinland.fi website is now presenting Finland as an Arctic country also in English. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland have signed an agreement to develop the site maintained and updated by the Arctic Centre as an Arctic gateway for international audience.

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  • Call for Papers: Northern Political Economy Symposium 2017

    1.6.2017 12:19

    Political Arctic/Arctic Political

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  • uutiskuva_1.jpg

    Arctic Centre studies food security in the Arctic

    30.5.2017 9:00

    The new project of the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland will explore the concept of human security as it applies to food security in the Arctic. The central aim in the project is to develop a network of scholars in order to promote new knowledge concerning the effect of climate change in the circumpolar Arctic on its vulnerable groups of population in regard to promoting overall food security.

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  • KuumaaKyytiä_HirvienParittelu_Tuomas Heinonen_550x367.jpg

    Hot Stuff in Arktikum

    29.5.2017 8:50

    The hottest exhibition of the year reveals the secrets of Arctic dating and mating with a dash of hay barn romance and summer meadow. The Hot Stuff exhibition is open in the Arktikum Science Centre from the 2nd of June 2017 to the 22nd of April 2018.

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  • rovaniemi_arctic_spirit_banneri_550.jpg

    Rovaniemi conference connects the UN Sustainable Development Goals with the Arctic

    10.5.2017 16:09

    The Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit conference on November 14-16th, 2017 in Rovaniemi, Finland offers an opportunity to reflect on Arctic cooperation and its future. The main theme of the conference is how to bring the UN Sustainable Development Goals to Arctic science, policy and economy. Thus the Conference takes further one of the key guiding lines in the Finnish Chairmanship program for the Arctic Council.

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  • Report on the adaptation actions for a changing Arctic in the Barents Area

    26.4.2017 15:15

    Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) has released the Barents Area assessment report, a result of four years of research towards understanding the adaptive capacity of the Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Russian Arctic.

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  • Kiiruna maailman laidalla. Juha-Pekka Paananen_550.jpg

    Nature Photographs of the Year in Arktikum

    17.3.2017 9:30

    Nature Photographs of the Year are on display in spring exhibition in Arktikum Science Centre, Rovaniemi, Finland.

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  • Porojen parittelu_Tomi Muukkonen_Porot_550.jpg

    Science Centre wants Arctic erotic stories

    22.2.2017 7:35

    Arktikum Science Centre is currently diving into the flaming love and carnal delights in the freezing Arctic and now wants the public to share their stories of passion. The exhibition will open in the beginning of June in Arktikum, Rovaniemi, Finland.

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  • Report: Arctic Europe: Bringing together the EU Arctic Policy and Nordic cooperation

    10.2.2017 13:03

    The European Union’s “integrated policy for the Arctic”, stemming from the Joint Communication of 27 April 2016, can productively interact with Nordic cooperation frameworks in order to support developments in Arctic Europe. The study Arctic Europe: Bringing together the EU Arctic Policy and Nordic cooperation, carried out by researchers from the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland, concludes that the 2016 Joint Communication creates opportunities for formulating a common trans-national strategy for Arctic Europe.

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  • New project to initiate cross-border co-operation in the field of societal security

    27.1.2017 13:41

    The project entitled “The Discipline of Societal Security in the Making: Let’s Make It Together!” is one of the successful applications, which has received funding from Nordic Council of Ministers to build a network amongst the participating institutions within the discipline of societal security. The Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law (NIEM) at the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland participates as a consortium partner.

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  • Report: Sámi people’s rights should be reinforced to comply with the Constitution and international law

    25.1.2017 10:50

    A report on the rights of the Sámi people by an international team of researchers was recently completed. The study is part of the Government analysis, assessment and research activities designed to support decision making. The objective was to take a closer look at the challenges facing the state in its efforts to promote the rights of the Sámi people, e.g. in the context of the Act on the Sámi Parliament and the ratification of the ILO’s Convention No. 169.

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  • Arctic Centre leading project supporting the implementation of the EU’s Arctic policy

    18.1.2017 8:00

    The Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland is a leader of a project supporting the European Commission and the European External Action Service (EEAS) in assessing the on-going implementation of the European Union’s Arctic policy. The “EU Arctic Policy Assessment” project is carried out by a consortium composed of the University of Lapland, the Arctic Portal from Iceland, the Alfred Wegener Institute from Germany and a number of subcontractors, one of which is the Regional Council of Lapland.

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  • kauneutta-kartalla_ArtoVitikka_550.JPG

    Arctic Centre exhibition in Korea National Maritime Museum

    13.1.2017 9:47

    The National Maritime Museum in Busan, Republic of Korea, currently holds the “Further into the Arctic” exhibition in cooperation with the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland and the Embassy of Finland in Seoul. The exhibition runs until March 5th, 2017.

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  • Newsletter on the Human Security in the Arctic out now

    7.12.2016 10:49

    Newsletter by the HuSArctic project

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  • RomaSerotetto_reindeer_jamal_550.jpg

    Rise in reindeer deaths in the Arctic linked with loss of sea ice and extreme weather

    16.11.2016 8:00

    Reindeer mortality rate also ‘threatens herders’ ancient nomadic culture’

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  • Thames Barrier Steve Hall_550.jpg

    Coastal sea level rises if warming goes above 2 degree celsius

    10.11.2016 9:29

    Warming of 2 °C will lead to an average global ocean rise of 20 cm, but more than 90% of coastal areas will experience greater rises. If warming continues above 2 °C, then, by 2100, sea level will be rising faster than at any time during human civilization, and 80% of the global coastline is expected to exceed the upper limit of 1.8 m for mean global ocean sea level rise.

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  • Indigenous Knowledge, IPRs and Human Rights seminar 5 December

    2.11.2016 14:05

    The Faculty of Law and the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law at the Arctic Centre organize an open seminar about indigenous peoples’ knowledge, intellectual property rights and human rights. The seminar takes place on Monday 5 December at 12–16 in the Arctic Centre in the Arktikum house.

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  • ArktinenKattaus550.jpg

    Arctic Variety opens up Finland as an Arctic country

    1.11.2016 12:27

    Finland will chair the Arctic Council in 2017 – 2019 but what makes Finland an Arctic country? Answers to that can be found in a new book “Arctic Variety” published by the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland and Europeinformation of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

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  • Kamru_Hossain_ 2015_www.jpg

    Funding for research on digitalisation and cyber security in the European High North

    26.10.2016 15:42

    NordForsk, a research facilitation and funding organisation under the Nordic Council of Ministers, awarded the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland approx. 864 000 euros for research on digitalisation and cyber security in the European High North. The three-year research project is led by Associate Professor Kamrul Hossain, who is also the director of the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law at the Arctic Centre.

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  • Peura_www.jpg

    Arctic fairy tales in the Arctic Fury Film Festival 1–4 November in Rovaniemi

    25.10.2016 10:27

    Arctic fairy tales and mysticism are the theme of this year's edition of the Arctic Fury Film Festival. From the 1st to the 4th of November magical stories will be presented in Arktikum, Rovaniemi (Pohjoisranta 4).

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  • MigrationInTheArcticWorkshop_www.jpg

    Working for the new UArctic thematic network on migration

    12.10.2016 14:44

    Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland, Nordregio, University of Akureyri and The Chiba University organized the Migration in the Arctic workshop on the 19th of September 2016 in Stockholm. The goal was to share the knowledge and expertise in migration and to establish a research group on Arctic Migration under the thematic network status of UArctic.

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  • Nanoq_IlonaMettiäinen_6_www.jpg

    What if? Photo exhibition visualizes the imagined impacts of climate change

    16.9.2016 13:00

    In the Arctic, average temperatures are rising due to climate change almost twice as fast as in the rest of the world, but what does it mean for Arctic communities and nature? The photo exhibition Nanoq – Imag(in)ing Climate Change by Ilona Mettiäinen in Rovaniemi, Arktikum Science Centre visualizes some imaginary, possible and even impossible worlds that may result from climate change. Through displaying a polar bear figure in different natural environments, the exhibition challenges to think about the consequences of climate change and asks: what if?

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  • First ever UArctic Congress in St. Petersburg

    14.9.2016 16:10

    From September 12 to 16, St. Petersburg State University hosts the first ever UArctic Congress, the University of the Arctic’s largest meeting to date – with over five hundred participants. The UArctic Congress 2016 includes a science section with over 250 oral and poster presentations and world-renowned keynote speakers from across the circumpolar world. In addition, UArctic’s various governance and organizational bodies will convene together to expand cooperation in higher education and science in northern regions.

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  • The new book addresses the human security challenges of indigenous peoples

    29.8.2016 9:01

    The new book addresses different aspects of human security challenges facing the indigenous peoples of the Arctic and sub-Arctic region, including Ainu, Inuit, Nenets, Sámi and the Mongolian indigenous peoples. The book highlights the increased changes of natural and social environment and their effects on the indigenous peoples of the region, in particular on the effects concerning their unique and nature-based livelihood practices.

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  • Seminar on food security in the Barents region

    11.8.2016 10:33

    Open seminar on “Globalization and Food Security in the Barents region” will be arranged in Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland (Arktikum, Pohjoisranta 4, Rovaniemi) on Tuesday, 16th August2016 at 9.30–12.40. In the afternoon there will be meeting for invited stakeholders.

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  • Public lectures on climate intervention to be held in Rovaniemi and Sodankylä

    9.8.2016 14:40

    Climate intervention (also climate engineering, geoengineering) means deliberate, man-made strategies for reducing global temperatures by utilizing different technologies; for instance by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it, or by increasing the amount of sunlight being reflected back into space. Climate intervention does not, however, replace the need to mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • Universities from Bangladesh and Finland address a refugee's security issues in a seminar

    6.7.2016 13:56

    Hundreds of thousands Rohingya refugees are fully outside from all the aid schemes and are fallen on a continuous threat of food insecurity in the Bangladesh border. There is an emergency needs of protracted displacement of Rohingyas in Asia and create sustainable strategy for rethinking Rohingya issues. The Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland, Finland and the Faculty of Law at the University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh will organize common human rights seminar September 2016 in cooperation with several human rights institutions and Universities in Bangladesh to disseminate knowledge and best practices among a wider audience.

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  • Arctic herbivore diversity is mostly determined by plants and predators

    22.6.2016 15:10

    Diversity patterns of Arctic herbivores are only partly determined by temperature; interactions with plants and predators are more important. The diversity of herbivores varies across the Arctic, and until now, no one knew whether this was shaped by physical environmental factors, like temperature, or biotic factors, such as plant productivity.

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  • Programme for the Everyday life in the Arctic Symposium published

    15.6.2016 8:57

    The University of Lapland will organize the sixth Northern Political Economy symposium in September 8th-9th 2016 in Rovaniemi, Finland. The symposium will discuss Arctic everyday life and various tactics of tackling changes in it.

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  • Diving into the Arctic diet of meat

    30.5.2016 8:00

    Get inspired by Inuit ice cream, be surprised of fat percentage of caribou meat and be startled by the smell of dried fish. Welcome to enjoy some Arctic aromas in Nam nam, the new temporary exhibition of the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland.

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  • Call for papers: Human and Societal Security in the Circumpolar Arctic

    17.5.2016 11:10

    HuSArctic project organizes an international conference on Human and Societal Security in the Circumpolar Arctic in March 25-28, 2017 in Enontekiö, Finland and Kautokeino, Norway. The specific focus of the conference is on the Barents region and its environment, sustainability and development.

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  • Call for papers: Everyday life in the Arctic Symposium

    13.5.2016 15:10

    The University of Lapland will organize the sixth Northern Political Economy symposium in September 8th-9th 2016 in Rovaniemi, Finland. The symposium will discuss Arctic everyday life and various tactics of tackling changes in it.

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  • Northern Impressions photo show opens the new exhibition in Arktikum

    9.5.2016 9:15

    Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland organizes Barents Café on Thursday 12th May at 5 PM about impressionistic nature photography. Northern Impressions is the nature photo cooperation project by Irma Varrio and Ari-Matti Nikula, presenting the Nordic nature with an impressionistic twist.

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  • ArCticles views the Arctic from the researchers’ standpoint

    3.5.2016 15:08

    ArCticles – Arctic Centre Papers is a new series of entries by Arctic Centre researchers and other staff relating to current Arctic issues by the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland.

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  • Open lecture: China's policy development towards the Arctic governance

    30.3.2016 15:57

    Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law (NIEM) at the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, is organizing Study Circle lecture on China's policy development towards the Arctic governance in April 14th. The guest lecturer of the Study Circle is Dr. Baozhi Cheng from Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS), China.

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  • Information on human and fundamental rights related research will be collected from researchers

    23.3.2016 15:53

    The Human Rights Centre (HRC) is creating a report on human and fundamental rights related research in Finland for the first time. The information will be collected using an online survey, which will target all researchers in Finland.

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  • A major China-Nordic Arctic Cooperation Symposium in Rovaniemi

    23.3.2016 13:34

    The fourth China-Nordic Arctic Cooperation Symposium will be organized in Rovaniemi June 6th-9th 2016 with the theme "The Sustainable Arctic – Opportunities and Challenges of Globalization". The Symposium is expected to gather a large number of Chinese and Nordic scholars, policymakers and other stakeholders. Also an official delegation from China will attend the event and the business roundtable to be organized during the Symposium.

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  • Arctic Voices explore the realities of living close to extractive industries

    11.3.2016 11:25

    Professor Florian Stammler from the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, has co-edited the Arctic Voices issue of an international journal The Extractive Industries and Society. The issue explore the expectations, narratives and the realities of living with extractive industries in the far north.

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  • Nature Photos of the Year exhibition in Arktikum

    10.3.2016 10:15

    The Nature Photos of the Year exhibition arrived in Arktikum Science Centre. The exhibition will be open from 15th March to 17th April 2016 from Tuesday to Sunday at 10 AM – 6 PM.

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  • Arktikum Science Centre’s new exhibition stands short

    1.6.2015 9:37

    Do you know what is a ‘spruce’s ass’? Or why the mountain ash has been considered as a sacred tree? The story of the trees in the Arctic is told in Standing short, the new exhibition of the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland. Welcome to learn wooden facts, see delightful illustrations, hug a tree and laugh at some silly jokes.

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  • Map exhibition: Glory with a death on your heels

    2.6.2014 9:43

    What did the Great North look like from the southern point of view hundreds of years ago? From whose point of view history is written? Is the land really found only when a white man discovers it? These big questions are aroused in the new exhibition of Arktikum Science Centre, Rovaniemi.

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