Summary report of the ECOHuCy project published

17.6.2020 11:54

The three-year (2017-2019) research project ‘Enablement Besides Constraints: Human Security and a Cyber Multi-Disciplinary Framework in the European High North (ECoHuCy)´ explored digitalisation and cybersecurity through the lens of human security, in the particular context of the European High North.

Key findings in the report are:

  • Mainstream cybersecurity frameworks focus on securing information, infrastructure and/or functions vital to society. They do not explicitly acknowledge the (in)securities created by digitalisation for people in their everyday lives.
  • National digitalisation and cybersecurity policies do not recognise regional variations in both the opportunities and threats presented by digitalisation. Digitalisation has not altered the balance between different aspects of civil society and affected the relationship between society and the state.
  • Diverse regional and communal strategies have considered the voices of different local stakeholders. These strategies have striven to minimise the negative impacts, and thereby to enhance the positive aspects, of digitalisation.
  • There is a need for region-specific policies that meet the requirements of the EHN, applicable to critical infrastructure and cybersecurity. Such policies could connect environmental governance and resilience with cybersecurity and apply the principles of human security.
  • For local and indigenous peoples, culture and cultural identity are re-shaped by digital transformation. However, this was not found to be a threat to the maintenance of their identities, rather to allow novel manifestations of those identities to develo