Information war and cybersecurity were discussed in Valoa pimeyteen (Light into the Darkness) science event in Tampere on January 27th

30.1.2018 10:26

Researcher Mirva Salminen from the Arctic Centre was one of the panelists in the event organized by Tampere University of Technology and University of Tampere.

As a summary of the vivid and versatile discussion, it can be said that people do not need to be afraid of cyberwar or major scale digital disruption. Professionals developing the digital infrastructure are aware of the threats and address them. However, everyone can influence his or her digital security by considering how he or she behaves in the online environment.

All information is not to be shared and all links are not to be clicked. In addition, people’s concerns about the difficulty in using the quickly digitalising services ought to be taken seriously.

An interview carried out by Aamulehti can be read here (only in Finnish).