Hearing of the Sámi associations on Wednesday 27th of April 2016

Our project Actualizing Sámi Rights: International Comparative Research organized its’ first three hours hearing of Sámi associations on Wednesday 27th of April in the Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos. 20 Sámi associations were invited to the hearing but also representatives of other Sámi organizations were welcome.

During the hearing we heard five Sámi associations’ statements on the Sámi people’s current legal status and challenges concerning their legal status. Because the number of the participants was relatively low we had time to hear longer statements and discussions. We heard varied opinions of the current situation and the conversations continued during three hours. Even though we do not have resources to investigate Sámi peoples’ historical land rights in this project, it is essential to hear stakeholders’ views also concerning the issue. On behalf of our research team we would like to thank all the stakeholders who took part to the hearing.

Inquiries and contacts concerning the hearing,
Laura Olsén


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