Stage 2.3. Preliminary EIA materials

The standard content of the EIA materials (according to the Chapter 5 of the Russian EIA Regulation)

  • General information;
  • Contact information of the Developer;
  • The title of the investment project and the place of its realization
  • Declaration of intention, justification of investments, feasibility study (project), working draft;
  • Explanatory note;
  • The aim of proposed project;
  • The possible alternatives of the project realization (possible locations of the object, technologies) including “the zero-option” (dismissal of the economic activity);
  • The possible environmental impacts assessments;
  • The description of the environment that can be affected by proposed economic activity;
  • The environmental impact assessment of proposed economic activity including the assessment of authenticity of the forecasting consequences of planned economic activity;
  • Measure mitigations;
  • The monitoring plan and post project analysis;
  • Public hearings results


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