Stage 2.1. Project organization

For projects connected with construction, reconstruction as well as location of the objects of transport infrastructure the EIA is conducted on the base of the engineering-ecological investigations (Article 47 of the Town-Planning Code of the Russian Federation, December 29, 2004 No.190-FZ). The specific requirements to the engineering-ecological surveys are described in the Formulary No.47.13330.2012 “Engineering investigations for construction” issued by the Ministry of regional development of the Russian Federation in 2012. The results of the engineering environmental investigations are used for preparation of the EIA report and the section “Environmental protection measures” in the project documentation that should be done according to the requirements of the Governmental Decree No.87 of February 16, 2008 “On composing the design documentation sections and on requirements to their content”.

According to the Article 47 of the Town-Planning Code of the Russian Federation, for projects connected with construction or reconstruction engineering-ecological investigations should only be performed by individual entrepreneurs or legal entities that have issued a self-regulating organization of a certificate of admission to such kinds of works.

The list of such individual entrepreneurs or legal entities can be found on the official internet page of the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia (Rostechnadzor)


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