Stage 1.4. Preliminary Terms of reference

According to the Regulation on the Assessment of Environmental Impact approved by Order of the State Ecology Committee of the Russian Federation No.372 of May 16, 2000 Developer prepares preliminary Terms of reference which contains:

  • Company’s name and address;
  • EIA period;
  • EIA methods and the plan of consultations with public;
  • EIA tasks;
  • Preliminary content of the EIA materials.

Preliminary terms of reference is sent to all EIA participants and should be available for the public during the all-time of the EIA process.

On the first stage, Developer informs public about the proposed project through the federal, regional and local official newspapers for getting public comments. The common scheme of the public hearings is here.

The public comments should be taken into account in the final version of Terms of reference. 


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