Stage 1.3. Land site Selection Act

Municipality, on the area of which the project is planned to be realized, based on the main requirements of the Land Code No 136-FZ of October 25, 2001 and local administrative regulations prepares the Land site Selection Act.

The procedure of getting the Land site selection act includes 2 stages:

Stage 1. The selection of land site

Requirement documentation on this stage: 

  • Statement;
  • Registration certificate of legal entity;
  • Declaration of Intention. 

Terms of consideration: 90 days.

The cost: free of charge.

The result: the Land selection act.

Stage 2. Preliminary approval of the object location

Requirement documentation on this stage:

  • Statement;
  • Land selection act approved by the community services.

Terms of consideration: 30 days.

The cost: free of charge.

The result: the resolution on approval of the land site selection act and preliminary approval of location of the object.

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