Blogi: Northern Political Economy
  • From the Arctic to the Australian Hemisphere

    10.8.2018 13:00

    Giuseppe spent 6 weeks at the ANU in Canberra, Australia. Here some highlights of his experience on the other side of the world.

  • Arctic Continuity and Change

    8.6.2018 13:00

    Northern Political economy team will organize its annual symposium in August 2018 in Rovaniemi. Arctic continuity and change are to be discussed from various viewpoints and disciplinary traditions. Researchers Marjo and Heidi are opening up the dynamics of Arctic continuity and the power of the rhetoric of change.

  • Deatnu / Tana / Teno – The poor agreement and new stakeholders at the Finnish riverside

    23.5.2018 12:00

    John Nystad, the deputy mayor of Kárášjohka gielda/Karasjok municipality and a local Sámi politician will share his critical remarks on the current agreement concerning the fishing rights in the border river, in the Sámi homeland between the states of Finland and Norway.

  • Urban Arctic nature: A collaborator, competitor and catalyst

    27.4.2018 13:00

    Spring has finally arrived to Lapland and nature around us is changing every day. Research professor Monica Tennberg takes a look at the different roles of nature within people's lives in the Arctic region

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