Northern Political Economy Blog
  • A Nightmare before Christmas – A Tale on Ignorance and Inequality

    15.12.2020 9:28

    And it happened in those days, in a land up, high up in the North, not so long ago, that the Three Wise Women took a long journey to follow a frozen star, to seek their way to Him, to sit next to His throne.

  • JustNorth – Toward Just, Ethical and Sustainable Arctic Economies, Environments and Societies

    27.10.2020 10:10

    What fundamental problems do we have in Lapland with regard to land use, the utilization of natural resources and, on the other hand, the preservation of traditional livelihoods? Tanja Joona introduces JustNorth, a multidisciplinary project funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 program examining the economic development of the Arctic region and the approaches its governance and inclusion from the perspective of justice and ethics.

  • Obsessed with Arctic change? Moving from adaptation to transformation

    26.8.2020 12:52

    Arctic change, rapid change, globalization and modernisation in the Arctic – all popular buzzwords to capture the essence of the region. Research professor Monica Tennberg discusses this obsession to change from the perspective of transformative governance instead of only adapting to mostly externally driven changes and their multiple consequences locally.

Examples of latest scientific publications
Interviews and talks

Mistä on arktiset kaupungit tehty? Monica Tennberg esitteli Arctic Caféssa (29.11. 2018) millaisia materiaaleja, taitoja, käytäntöjä ja merkityksiä arktiseen kaupunkitilaan liitetään.

Heidi Sinevaara-Niskasen ja Marjo Lindrothin haastattelu Yle Areenassa: Alkuperäiskansat ja toivon valta - miten lupauksista paremmasta ja toivosta on tullut vallankäytön välineitä suhteessa alkuperäiskansoihin. Information in English on the project Indigeneity in Waiting: Elusive Rights and the Power of Hope is available here.

Monica Tennberg: What kind of knowledge for climate change adaptation?
Ecological webinars, Arctic Summer Collage 15.8. 2018

Monica Tennberg was one of the panellist at the session "The global implications of a rapidly-changing Arctic" hosted by the Arctic Council at COP23 in Bonn November 2017.

In the video series One minute, one researcher Joonas Vola talks about how the Arctic Region is a political concept (in Finnish).

Researching the spiritual heritage: researcher Francis Joy tells about the pursuit of the traditional religion of the Sámi (in Finnish).