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  • The ’battery belt’ by public transport

    13.3.2023 11:02

    NPE researcher Hanna Lempinen shares her experiences of travelling from Rovaniemi to Umeå by public transport.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility – More relevant than ever before! But possibly outdated as a concept?

    8.11.2022 10:06

    Researcher Adrian Braun, has outlined in his doctoral dissertation the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its applicability in the mining industry in the European Arctic. Two years later, he reflects on latest developments around sustainability reporting and the CSR concept. In this regard he discusses the emergence of the sustainable finance concept ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance (beyond the Arctic perspective).

  • Field notes from a peat bog

    8.8.2022 15:17

    NPE’s visiting researcher Hanna Lempinen is currently doing research focusing on the just transition of the Finnish peat industry. She did some fieldwork at a peat bog in Northern Finland in this blog post she shares some of her first thoughts.

Interviews and Talks

Post human approaches to Arctic governance. Monica Tennberg in Night of Science: : ”Arctic, new perspectives” (1/2022).

Interview with Monica Tennberg on the Thematic Network on Critical Arctic Studies of the UArctic (12/2021).

Mistä on arktiset kaupungit tehty? Monica Tennberg esitteli Arctic Caféssa (11/2018) millaisia materiaaleja, taitoja, käytäntöjä ja merkityksiä arktiseen kaupunkitilaan liitetään.

Heidi Sinevaara-Niskasen ja Marjo Lindrothin haastattelu Yle Areenassa: Alkuperäiskansat ja toivon valta - miten lupauksista paremmasta ja toivosta on tullut vallankäytön välineitä suhteessa alkuperäiskansoihin (7/2017).

Monica Tennberg: What kind of knowledge for climate change adaptation? Ecological webinars, Arctic Summer Collage (8/2018).

Monica Tennberg was one of the panellist at the session "The global implications of a rapidly-changing Arctic" hosted by the Arctic Council at COP23 in Bonn November 2017.

In the video series One minute, one researcher Joonas Vola talks about how the Arctic Region is a political concept, in Finnish (9/2016).


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