Arctic Law Thematic Network NEWSLETTER


  • No 1 - February 2013 (Hans Corell provides and overview of a new publication on the Rule of Law; Sebastien Duyck discusses Arctic at UNFCCC COP in Doha; ALTN members are introduced: Natalia Loukacheva, Øyvind Ravna and Stefan Kirchner as well as one of partner institutions - this time University of Akureyri)

From 2013, Arctic Law Thematic Network (ALTN) publishes a Newsletter with latest news from the Network partners - information on publications, conferences, master and doctoral programmes, new projects, as well as news and analyses of interest for the members of the Network.

We would like this newsletter to become on one hand a form of communication between ALTN members and on the other hand a way to inform others about interesting things done within the Network and in the field of Arctic and Polar law.
The newsletter is expected to come out twice a year. 

All ALTN members are invited to contribute to the newsletter, by sending us (to or your latest publications, projects and planned events, thoughts on recent developments in Arctic law and ideas how to develop this newsletter.

We would like to thank University of Arctic Secretariate and Puisto Design and Advertising for their support in producing the Newsletter.