Reindeer grazing and tundra soil carbon storage under changing climate

Porolaidunnus ja tundramaan hiilivarastot muuttuvassa ilmastossa

Contact person:Dr Sari Stark
Research group: Global change

Start of the project : 1st May 2012
End of the project : 31st July 2014


At present, tundra ecosystems store large quantities of soil carbon that has been accumulating to the soil over centuries and millennia. It is currently predicted that increasing temperatures by global change will enhance decomposition of these large soil carbon stocks. As a result, tundra soils may start contributing to the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. In this project, we experimentally simulate effects of global change with specifically designed warming chambers (ITEX standard open top chambers) in a sub-oceanic tundra ecosystem. Similar treatments are conducted in two cases, tundra that is either ungrazed or grazed by reindeer (Rangifer tarandus). In ungrazed tundra, vegetation is dominated by slow-growing dwarf shrubs (e.g. Betula nana, Empetrum hermaphroditum, Vaccinium vitis-idaea, Vaccinium uliginosum), and in grazed tundra, by different sedges and grasses. We investigate changes in vegetation, soil microbial activity and community composition, ecosystem carbon balance and phenolic secondary metabolites of evergreen and deciduous dwarf shrubs.

This project lasted for five years (2009-2014) and was funded by the Academy of Finland.

Participants and collaboration

  • Dr Sari Stark, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
  • MSc Maria Väisänen (graduate student), Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
  • Ms. Henni Ylänne (undergraduate student), Department of Biology, University of Oulu
  • Dr. Minna Männistö and Dr. Francoise Martz, Finnish Forest Research Institute, Rovaniemi Research Unit
  • Prof. Johan Olofsson and MSc Elina Kaarlejärvi, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Umeå, Sweden
  • Dr. Sofie Sjögersten-Turner, Dr. Trevor Drage and Dr. David Large, University of Nottingham, UK


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  • Väisänen, M., Martz, F., Kaarlejärvi, E., Julkunen-Tiitto, R., Stark, S. (2013). Phenolic responses of mountain crowberry (Empetrum nigrum ssp. hermaphroditum) to global climate change are compound specific and depend on grazing by reindeer (Rangifer tarandus ). Journal of Chemical Ecology 39:1390-1399. DOI: 10.1007/s10886-013-0367-z

 PhD and MSc theses

  • Maria Väisänen: Ecosystem-level consequences of climate warming in tundra under differing grazing pressures by reindeer (PhD thesis, University of Oulu, Department of Biology, December 2014)
  • Henni Ylänne: Porolaidunnuksen vaikutukset hiilitaseeseen tundraekosysteemeissä (MSc Thesis, in Finnish, University of Oulu, Department of Biology, 2012)
  • Alex Nyakumba: 13C solid state NMR analysis of soil organic matter quality (MSc Thesis, Physics’ Department, University of Oulu, 2014)

Analyzing net ecosystem carbon exchange in the field. Photo: Sari Stark.

Experimental plot with warming treatment by open top chamber. Photo: Sari Stark.