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Pragmatist World Politics for the Environment  –   PEIR (2008-2010)

Leader: Monica Tennberg                                                 Start of the project: 2008
Research group: Environmental politics                             End of the project: 2010


The aim of the project is to develop and apply pragmatist principles of research in world environmental politics. The research project and its results will contribute to the development of pragmatist approaches in the study of international relations. It will produce both theoretical and empirical knowledge in regard to global and regional environmental problems and politics. The results of the project will be published in international peer-reviewed journals.


The research project has three tasks:

  1. to develop a joint, problem-oriented and agency-based, research framework; 
  2. to conduct individual case studies; and 
  3. to test the research framework in a core case study focusing on the EU as an international environmental actor.

The individual case studies will focus on Russian environmental policy-making, Finnish environmental foreign policy, Arctic climate politics and global security & environmental politics.

The role of the EU as an international environmental actor will be analyzed using a multiperspective agency-based approach building on individual case studies by the research group.

Pragmatism offers fruitful discussions with the constructivist school of international relations in theorizing about political agency, the role of international institutions and the conditions for knowledge production in international relations.

PEIR activities

  • PEIR Workshop 7.11.2008 14-16 Thule meeting room, Arctic centre. "Mistä ympäristöhuolet on tehty?" Näkökulmia ongelmalähtöiseeen maailman ympäristöpolitiikan tutkimukseen / "Perspectives to problem-oriented research in world environmental politics"
  • PEIR Workshop 5.5.2009 13-15 Aluetieteen laitos, Tampereen yliopisto. Multiple environmental agencies/Ympäristöpoliittisen toimijuuden monet muodot
  • PEIR workshop 16.1.2010 Katseen 3. kansallinen konferenssi, Siuntio. Käytäntökäänne kansainvälisten suhteiden tutkimuksessa/Practice turn in international relations.

Members of the PEIR research group are :

  • Research professor, Monica Tennberg, Arctic Centre University of Lapland; Finnish environmental foreign policy: a pragmatist approach
  • Post-doc researcher Minna Jokela, IASM, University of Turku: Global security & environmental politics
  • Post-doc researcher Nina Tynkkynen, Department of Regional Studies, University of Tampere: Russian environmental politics
  • Doctoral student Marjo Lindroth, Arctic centre, University of Lapland: International indigenous politics
  • Doctoral student Sanna Ovaskainen, Arctic centre, University of Lapland: The Environment as life-politics in Lapland.

Contact information:

Monica Tennberg
Research professor
Arctic centre
University of Lapland
Box 122
96101 Rovaniemi

e-mail: forename.surname@ulapland.fi