Nordic Centre of Excellence Tundra (NCoE Tundra)

web_koparat_kuvaMinnaTurunen.jpgNCoE Tundra (2011–2015) is a new Nordic Centre of Excellence. The scope is to study the interaction between the ecological phenomenon of top down impacts in food webs and climate-vegetation interactions, and to integrate this perspective with the human-managed reindeer husbandry and the Sámi culture dependent on it.

Research Professor Bruce Forbes from the Arctic Centre is leading a subproject “Ecology and socio-economy of reindeer herding systems”. The three primary questions to be addressed to are:

  • to what extent have past and present Sámi reindeer herding practices affected shrub cover within Fennoscandian tundra at spatial scales that may be of relevance to future management?;
  • how have constraints imposed by the majority societies interfered with these processes? and
  • can the value systems and goals of reindeer owners be characterized in a way to help policy makers to find the incentives which allow the goals of reindeer owners to converge with the ecological goals outlined in the "Large scale impacts of herbivory on vegetation" work package of the NCoE Tundra?

NCoE Tundra is funded by NordForsk and under the scheme Top-level Research Initiative (TRI).

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Bruce Forbes, Research Professor
Anttti Aiko, Researcher
Åsa Larsson Blind, Researcher