Description of the projectKuva: S. Huttunen

The EU LIFE Environment project ’Tourist Destinations as Landscape Laboratories - Tools for Sustainable Tourism’, LANDSCAPE LAB was co-ordinated by the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland, Finland.

The total budget of the LANDSCAPE LAB project amounts to about 1.8 million Euros, of which about 50% was provided by the European Union, the other 50% of the financing for the project was provided by the co-ordinator, partners and partial financiers.

The project was launched in September of 2004, and it ended October 2007.  During this period of time six parallel partial tasks were carried out:

  • LABLAND:  Ecologically, Culturally and Visually Sustainable Urban Structure for Tourist Destinations
  • LABECO:  Scope and Types of Environmental Impacts 
  • LABSOC:  Functional and Social Structures of Local Communities
  • LABPLANT: Production of Plant Material for Landscape Planning, Greening and Restoration 
  • Administration of and Reporting on the Project
  • Information Dissemination

The objective of the LANDSCAPE LAB project was to develop and demonstrate methods for the assessment of the sustainability of the regional impacts of tourism.