Kinnvika project

Scientific results

 The scientific results of the Kinnvika project are presented in the scientific conferences, in posters and as articles in different publications. To analyze the data collected and write the conclusions of the research done takes usually some years. A vast part of the data collected during the IPY-KINNVIKA expeditions was weather data from automatic weather stations.

The special issue of the Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography (Volume 93, Issue 4, Pages 201–354) presents the key observations and it also gives the first results of the IPY-Kinnvika.

In the preface “The International Polar Year Project ‘Kinnvika’ – Arctic Warming and Impact Research at 80° N” the authors Veijo A. Pohjola, Paula Kankaanpää, John C. Moore and Tadeusz Pastusiak give a short summary of the findings reported in the papers.

The papers in this special issue can be generally be grouped into:
  • geological and environmental history;
  • contemporary ecological situation of arthropods and plants;
  • contemporary climatological state of western Nordaustlandet and
  • the ice dynamical situation of Vestfonna.

All the science presented here has been focused on the primary data, and specific to the location of western Nordaustlandet. However, all the participating groups are now active in the integration of their results into the wider contexts of their fields. We look forward with pleasure and anticipate taking part in this endeavour over the coming years.

Publications related to Kinnvika

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Loading data, photo Veijo Pohjola


Coffee break on the glacier, photo Veijo Pohjola.


Snow pit, photo Gerit Rotschky.