International environmental law in the Arctic; with Special Reference to the Arctic Indigenous peoples

Contact person:
 Timo Koivurova                                         Start of the project: 2003
Research group: NIEM                                                     End of the project: 2006

This project was funded by Academy of Finland.


The research project examined in what way international environmental law applied in the Arctic region, especially the manifold international environmental treaties to which the arctic states have become parties. In the first phase, important was to map out all the treaties applicable in the region, and in the second stage to move into more in-depth research and study how these treaties could be adapted to very particular Arctic circumstances, especially taking into account its very fragile nature. Another research question focused on how the Arctic indigenous peoples could influence on the content of international environmental treaties and in what way they could bring in their perspective and traditional knowledge to situations where international environmental treaties were applied. One important issue was also to examine what rights relevant human rights treaties accord to Arctic indigenous peoples in environmental management.

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Research Professor Timo Koivurova
Arctic Centre, University of Lapland