INDIPO seminar in Moscow, April 18th, 2008.

The seminar “Political Aspects of Indigenous Research and Activity in Russia” was held in Moscow in April 18, 2008. Among attendees (40 persons) there were representatives of the indigenous peoples and their organizations, scientists and specialists of the federal, regional and local governmental bodies.

Seminar Program -"Political Aspects of Indigenous Research and Activity in Russia"

  • Introductory speech by Heritage Institute Director professor Yury A. Vedenin
  • Key lecture by RAS corresponding member Sergey A. Arutyunov "Problems of National Policy in Russia"
  • Presentations by seminar participants. Chair - Heritage Institute Deputy Director Pavel M. Shulgin:
    - Yury Plyusnin  (Higher School of Economics) "Ethnopolitical context of socio-economic development of the regions"
    Vera I. Smorchkova (Russian Academy of Governmental Service under RF President) "Education of governmental staff for northern regions in Russia"
    - Natalya I.Novikova  (RAS Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology) "Legal anthropology in Russia"
    Pavel A.Filin (Ecoline- Center for Environmental Impact Assessment) "On social impact assessment for investment projects in Russia: international and Russian standards and requirements" 
    Svetlana A.Dolmatova (RAS Institute of World Economy and International Relations) "Problems of sustainable development and threats of global warming: challenges for indigenous peoples in Russia"
    Tamara Yu. Semenova (Helsinki University) "Indigenous Peoples’ Organizations in Russia and abroad: comparative research"
  • Discussion and contributions by indigenous representatives. Chair  - Director of Russian Indigenous Training Center (RAIPON) Rodion V.Sulyandziga:
    - Faina M. Lekhanova ("In" - Center for education, culture and gender studies under RAIPON) "Research on Russian North indigenous women participation in electoral process"
    - Olga A.Murashko (Information center under RAIPON) "Sphere of applied research on traditional indigenous knowledge"
    - Mikhail I.Todyshev (Legal Center under RAIPON) "Participation of Russian indigenous peoples in government and decision-making process"
    - Dmitry V. Berezhkov (RAIPON office in Moscow) "Opportunities for indigenous youth to participate in research"
  • Conclusion by RAIPON President  Sergey N. Haruchi
  • Lyudmila S. Bogoslovskaya (Heritage Institute): Presentation of the practical guide book "L.Bogoslovskaya, I.Slugin, I.Zagrebin, I.Krupnik.  Comprehensive Guide on Marine Mammal Hunting. Moscow-Anadyr, 2007"
  • Documentary on Chukotka by cinema producer Alexey  Vakhrushev "Letopis’ morzhovogo klyka"  (2004)