Climate change, community response and multilevel governance

Project time: May 2008-December 2009

Project members

Project Leader (Coordinator): Katarina Eckerberg, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Sweden.

National Lead:
 Finland: Prof. Timo Koivurova
 Norway: Carlo All
 Sweden: Prof. Katarina Eckerberg 

 Finland: Kamrul Hossain, Mika Flöjt , Henna Tervo (NIEM).
 Norway: Kyrre Groven, Idun A. Husabø (Western Norway Research Institute), Grete Hovelsrud
  (the Center for  International Climate and Environmental Research CICERO).
 Sweden: Annika E Nilsson, Åsa Gerger-Swartling and Oskar Wallgren (SEI), Carina Keskitalo (Umeå University).


The aim of this project is to build a Nordic network for research on local climate adaptation and mitigation in the context of multilevel governance. By organizing a series of workshops for researchers and stakeholders, it creates a foundation for making creative links among the increasing number of ongoing research projects on climate adaptation in the Nordic countries. Furthermore, by placing the climate adaptation research into a context of sustainable development, it explicitly links the analysis of adaptation to the issues of mitigation. The theoretical context of multilevel governance creates a potential analysing the links between local, national, and international climate policy.

The expected output of the project is to connect researchers across the Nordic countries in several workshops. The network built through the workshops should increase the value of ongoing research projects by sharing of methods and results. Common themes for the workshops are the challenges of participatory research and the role of local mitigation and adaptation actions in the context of national and international climate politics. The focus of WP 1, Sogndal, is on the regional level of governance, and the importance of combining scenario building on both climate change and societal changes. The focus of WP 2, Stockholm, is on climate adaptation and mitigation in urban settings with the Stockholm region as an example. WP 3, Rovaniemi, focuses on the Arctic and on exploring interactions across governance levels.

The workshops result in:
  • A collection of working papers from the respective participants, used for producing a summary report, a jointly written review article, as well as refining a joint research agenda. 
  • One or several joint research proposals with a strong emphasis on comparing local climate adaptation and mitigation in different national settings. 
  • A review article on local climate response and adaptation research in Finland, Norway and Sweden to be submitted to a peer-reviewed scientific journal. 
  • A network for continued collaboration and expansion both among researchers and practitioners.


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