Foreing Lounge


Foreign Lounge (FOLO) promotes jobseekers with immigrant background to get access to the labor market in Lapland. The existing knowledge, skills of multilingualism, rich cultural knowledge and customer service are seen as the sources of innovations and strength of the immigrant jobseekers and beneficial for the Finnish working life.

Project ended in spring 2018.


Priority of the project is to support immigrants to get access to the labor markets in Finnish Lapland.

The goals of the Foreign Lounge - project:

  • Offers new customized ways to apply for jobs
  • Applies existing good practices to employ immigrants
  • Provides flexible and sustainable methods for identifying competencies of immigrants by the recognition of prior learning and knowledge-based portfolio.    


Project creates a new model to find and apply for jobs that will be used by the employment authorities. By using creative methods we will support the jobseekers to combine existing individual knowledge to create a method that will lead to the finding of the new career paths. As a result the new model of interaction between the employers and the job applicants to bridge the gap of knowledge will be formed.


The project is implemented by the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, in the cooperation with the Employment office of Lapland, Organization of the Entrepreneurs in Lapland, Lapland Chamber of Commerce, local employers and the Arctic Immigrants association

Contact information

Nafisa Yeasmin
Project Coordinator
+358 40 484 4256


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