Human interactions in the mountain birch forest ecosystems: implications for sustainable development (HIBECO)

Contact person: Bruce Forbes                                             Start of the project: 2000
Research group: Global change                                           End of the project:  2002

The HIBECO project was funded by EU 5th Framework Program.


The successful long-term sustainable management of forests is dependent on our knowledge of their history, present state, and responses to changing environmental conditions. In this light, the project evaluated the Nordic mountain birch ecosystem with examples from different sites in the Nordic countries and Scotland.

The authors analyzed vegetation and soils, and investigated the influence of climate change, insect pests, grazing pressure by sheep and reindeer, construction of roads and other consequences of increasing tourism. The possibilities for a sustainable use of the Nordic mountain birch forests were discussed in various models.


Wielgolaski, F.E., P.S. Karlsson, S. Neuvonen & D. Thannheiser (2005). Plant Ecology, Herbivory and Human Impact in Nordic Mountain Birch Forests. Springer. Heidelberg, Germany

More information

Research Professor Bruce Forbes
Arctic Centre, University of Lapland

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