The MOVE-INNOCOM project bases on extensive anthropological and qualitative-sociological fieldwork. On two case study sites in the Murmansk Oblast and West Siberia , we study in many interviews the relocation history of incoming migrants to northern industrial cities and the process of developing a sense of place among these people for their young northern industrial cities.

Fieldwork was carried out in Westsiberia:

2007: Novyi Urengoi

2008: Novyi Urengoi, Nadym, Pangody, Salekhard


Fieldwork carried out in Murmansk Oblast

2006: Apatity

2007: Apatity, Kirovsk

2008: Apatity, Kirovsk, Kovdor

2009: Apatity, Kirovsk, Kovdor, Rikolatva, Slyudy, , Bugry (close to St Petersburg, where relocatees from the North live)

A side street of Molodezhnaia, Novyi Urengoi, West Siberia, March 2008,     F. Stammler

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