BOREAS Final Conferences 2009

Arktikum building, Rovaniemi, Finland

The role of the state in population movements : The Circumpolar North and Other Periphery Regions (October 26-28)

This conference will analyse how states in the North have influenced settlement patterns in their remote peripheries and how northern residents respond to state regulation measures. These findings from the North will be compared with evidence from other ’periphery’ regions in the world. The analyses should contribute to our general theoretical understanding of in voluntary and forced movements, relocations, resettlements and displacements.

Histories from the North : environments, movements, narratives (October 28-31). Panel information

Challenging the image of a static Arctic, this conference explores the relations between humans and different environments, focusing on the importance of movements and narrratives. Morever, recent Arctic humanities and social science research agendas will be discuss in more general terms, as well as avenues for future Eurasian-American northern research cooperation.

See for  information on Rovaniemi.


In the beginning of 2004, Piers Vitebsky and his team from the Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge invited a group of eminent scholars from a multitude of scientific disciplines to propose and submit the EUROCORES suggestion "Histories from the North: Environments, movements, narratives" to the ESF Standing Committee for the Humanities.

The European Science Foundation, the National Science Foundation of the US , and the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland are now pleased to invite you to two BOREAS EUROCORES conferences that will take place on 26-31 October 2009 in Rovaniemi (Finland), at the Arctic Centre, University of Lapland.

The BOREAS EUROCORES programme was the first circumpolar initiative in the humanities, with innovative collaboration between Europe, the US, Canada and Russia, that brought together 40 research projects funded by eight National Funding Agencies with a research budget exceeding 5M€. More information about the BOREAS EUROCORES programme.

We are going to hold two conferences in conjunction. On October 26-28, a group of invited scholars will present research results on "The role of the state in population movements: The circumpolar North and other ’periphery’ regions". After that, from October 28-31, the BOREAS final conference will highlight the outputs of the BOREAS project and open the wider discussion on the role of the Humanities research in the Arctic not only from the perspective of researchers, but also research funding, publishers, etc. The registration page for both conferences is now open and invited speakers are kindly requested to sign up, book their accommodation, and submit abstracts there. Other participants are welcome to register for participation.




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