Research results


  • Timo Koivurova, "Ilmastonmuutoksesta johtuvien riitojen vieminen kansainväliseen oikeudelliseen menettelyyn", Oikeus 4/2006. Bringing the Disputes caused by Climate Change to International Legal Proceedings. (pp. 514-537).
  • Timo Koivurova and David VanderZwaag, "The Arctic Council at 10 Years: Retrospect and Prospects" in University of British Columbia Law Review 40:1 (2007), (pp. 121-194). 
  • Waliul Hasanat, ’Definitional Constraints Regarding  Soft Law’   AALCO  Quarterly  Bulletin  (2007) Vol. III, No.1& 2, pp  8-32.
  • Forthcoming: Timo Koivurova, "International Legal Avenues to Address the Plight of Victims of Climate Change: Problems and Prospects" in Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation
  • Timo Koivurova, "Oikeustieteen ja oikeuspolitiikan suhde arktisessa tutkimuksessa", Oikeus 2007 (36) 4 - in this short article, professor Koivurova examines the theme of legal politics in legal research via the CIGSAC research project.
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