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Call for abstracts for the Northern Political Economy Symposium 2021

15.6.2021 11:02

How to govern change in the Arctic? Are transformations governable?

”Arctic change” is a popular way to frame current developments and to discuss the future of the region as a complex set of interconnected environmental, social and economic changes taking place in the region and leading to its fundamental transformation. Different forms of governance to guide and govern these changes is yet another topical but a complex set of issues connecting different levels of societal actors, forms of action, and concerns, such as sustainability and equity. Also, the question remains whether these transformations are in anyway governable, and what are the possible unintended and unwanted effects of any efforts of governance. Consequently, it becomes evident that governance in Arctic regions goes far beyond the schemes of regional authorities and the policies of few supranational bodies (e.g. Arctic Council). This topical diversity will be addressed at the symposium. 

In recent years, social science-based research has produced a myriad of concepts, approaches and methodologies to understand societal transformations and their governability, such as collaborative governance, interactive governance, metagovernance, governmentality and global governance, to name just a few. In order to understand better (un)governability of Arctic change, we invite critically oriented presentations to the Northern Political Economy Symposium 2021 to discuss governance of Arctic transformations as well as examples of empirical research into different processes of societal transformations and their governability. 

The event is one of the activities of the UArctic thematic network “Critical Arctic Studies” (CAS). The keynote speaker will be announced in the second call for papers (to be published mid-August). Doctoral candidates should consult their supervisors about receiving credits for presenting and participating in the event.  

Instructions for submission of papers:

 The deadline for abstracts is 24.9.2021. 

The abstract should include 200-300 words with the name(s) of the presenter(s), affiliation(s) and contact information for the presenter(s). 

Abstracts should be sent to Monica Tennberg, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland monica.tennberg(at)

The accepted abstracts and symposium program will be announced by 1.10.2021. 

More information:

Symposium organizer, research professor Monica Tennberg
Northern political economy research group, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland