Strategy of the Arctic Centre 2020
University of Lapland

Vision 2020

The Arctic Centre envisions becoming Finland’s leading centre of excellence for the Arctic. The Arctic Centre will become a leading European expert on sustainable development, global change, and minority and environmental law. The Arctic Centre will establish itself as the main research institute for social and environmental impact assessment in Lapland and the Barents Region, producing information that is highly relevant for local and national authorities, politicians and the public. The Arctic Centre will increase its visibility as the key producer of Arctic and Antarctic information that is accessible in different formats for all.

Mission 2020

The Arctic Centre’s mission is to undertake locally and regionally oriented and globally relevant research, PhD student supervision, undergraduate education and science communication about the Arctic and the Antarctic. The Arctic Centre is in constant dialogue with Arctic indigenous peoples, local residents and regional stakeholders. The Arctic Centre engages in international and multidisciplinary scientific research whilst also maintaining high quality standards within single disciplines. The Arctic Centre synthesizes scientific information in an understandable format for the public, pupils, authorities and policy makers within and outside the Arctic.

Goal 2020

The Arctic Centre’s goal is to address pressing social and environmental issues that are of broad concern to both Arctic and non-Arctic peoples, institutions and communities. The Arctic Centre aims to increase knowledge and awareness based on sound scientific information and in this way to support sustainable development, environmental protection and social, cultural and biological diversity in the Arctic and the North.

Read the whole strategy document, or download is as a pdf file [2.4 Mb].

Стратегия Арктического Центра до 2020 года [ pdf ]

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