Anna Stammler-Gossmann's book project 2010 - 2011

In cooperation with the Leibniz Institute fuer Länderkunde (Germany): Subverting Borders. Doing Research on Smuggling and Small-Scale Trade 

Small-scale trade and smuggling are part of everyday life at many borders. If there is a difference of prosperity along the border, leading to considerable price differences in the adjacent countries, the border may be used as an economic resource by many inhabitants living nearby. The phenomena of trans-border small-scale trade and smuggling are intensely multi-faceted. This is reflected in their different labelling, e.g. “contraband,” “suitcase trade,” “shuttle trade” or “trading tourism.” Despite the diversity of trans-border small-scale trade/smuggling, and its wide dispersion not only in Europe, its reception within social sciences is relatively low. 

On the basis of empirical research findings from borders all over the world, the publication thrives to analyse mechanisms and conditions of the informal activity and to detect parallels and differences of informal economic structures from different perspectives. Anna Stammler-Gossmann contributed with the analysis of the informal shuttle trade on the Finnish-Russian border.   
Anna Stammler-Gossmann. 2011. ‘Winter-tyres-for-a-flower-bed’: Shuttle trade on the Finnish-Russian border (Chapter Finnish-Russian border). Bruns, B. and J. Miggelbrink (Eds.). Subverting Borders. Doing Research on Smuggling and Small-Scale Trade. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, pp. 225 – 247.

The book is an outcome of the project: Geographies at the edges of the European project. Spatial orientation and peripheralization at the external borders of the expanded European Union 

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