BBC film project ’Arctic with Bruce Parry’, Siberian Episode.


Anna Stammler-Gossmann and Florian Stammler, in the summer of 2010, joined the BBC crew to meet the Sakha horse people and a remote encampment of Eveny reindeer herders in the ‘Pole of Cold’ area of Verkhoyansk Mountains. The Siberian episode represents one part of a five-part documentary series set in the spectacular environment of the Arctic, where presenter Bruce Parry explores the dramatic changes its people are experiencing. From the Inuit of Greenland to Alaskan whalers, Canadian oil-men and scientists on Svalbard, and reindeer herders in the remote valleys of Siberia and the hills of Northern Norway; these series are immersed into the pattern of existence for the people living in the Far North. 

Siberian episode: Taming a Siberian Reindeer