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Sellheim, NikolasSellheim_Nikolas.jpg


Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law

Email: nikolas.sellheim(at)ulapland.fi


  • Legal Cultures in Transnational World (LeCTra) Doctoral Programme, Faculty of Law, University of Lapland
  • Master of Arts Polar Law, University of Akureyri, Iceland
  • Bachelor of Arts Scandinavian / Northern European Studies, Humboldt- University in Berlin, Germany
  • Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies, Bodø University College, Norway

Research Focus:

My research deals with the legitimacy of the European Union in Arctic Governance. The issue of 'legitimacy' is very broad and not easy to grasp. I therefore take a legal-anthropological approach and focus on the EU's anti-sealing policy and it's impacts on the commercial sealers in Atlantic Canada, the changes of rules and codes of conduct that have emerged around commercial sealing based on the EU seal product import ban. Therefore, my fieldwork will take place amongst the sealers to identify and document said rules and unwritten laws and the changes they are undergoing. The second stage of the research deals with the notion of animal welfare in EU policy-making and how the anti-sealing stance has found its way into EU laws. A crucial element is the understanding (or lack thereof) for Arctic living conditions, customs and rules that are of non-indigenous origin and the recognition of the impacts certain EU policies may have. This allows for a conclusion of the EU as a (il)legitimate Arctic actor based on human dimensions in the North.

My previous research looked at the legitimacy of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region (BEAR) and its environmental initiatives. Various approaches are taken to enable an understanding of the concept of ‘legitimacy’ and its application in a complex forum such as the BEAR. Aspects of ‘good governance’ like participation, accountability and transparency as well as legal aspects in national and international environmental law, problem-solving capabilities or goal-attainment strategies contribute to an overall understanding of the ‘legitimacy’ of the BEAR and its environmental initiatives.

Other research focused on land rights in Finnish Sámiland and the problems arising from adversarial interests over the usage of lands. In focus were Sámi reindeer husbandry and the forest industry, taking into account indigenous peoples’ rights internationally and nationally as well as Finnish reindeer husbandry, forestry and land-use legislation.

I also participated in the Arctic Footprint and Policy Assessment Project (AFPA) funded by the DG Environment of the European Commission and in the EU Competences affecting the Arctic funded by the European Parliament.


Sealing; Commercial Sealing; Newfoundland; customary law; EU law; law-making; Legitimacy; Arctic governance


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