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Salminen, Mirva

Researcher (Arctic Centre); Doctoral Candidate (University of Lapland, Faculty of Social Sciences)
Northern Institute of Environmental and Minority Law

tel. +358(0)40 484 4037
email mirva.salminen(at)ulapland.fi


M. Soc. Sc., University of Tampere, International Relations (part of the degree at Aberystwyth University, Security Studies)
B. Soc. Sc., University of Tampere, Political Science (part of the degree at National Defence University, Art of War)


At the Arctic Centre, Mirva is carrying out research on digitalization and cyber security in the Arctic from the human security point of view. In her doctoral dissertation, she is scrutinizing the impacts of security commercialization on Finnish national security. Prior to joining the Arctic Centre, Mirva worked in research and expert positions in the field of cyber security in both public and private sectors.

Research interests

cyber security; digitalization, especially in the Arctic; commercialization of security; security governance; governmentality; complexity; transformation of global security and war

Selected publications

Limnéll, J.; K. Majewski & M. Salminen (2015) Cyber Security for Decision Makers. Edited by R. Samani. Docendo
Limnéll, J.; K. Majewski & M. Salminen (2014) Kyberturvallisuus. Docendo.
Rantapelkonen, J. & M. Salminen (eds.) (2013) The Fog of Cyber Defence. National Defence University, Department of Leadership and Military Pedagogy.

Salminen, M. & A.-M. Huhtinen (2012) “The Comprehensive Approach as a Strategic Design to run the Military Industrial Complex in Operations”. International Journal of Cyberwarfare and Terrorism 2(2).
Salminen, M. & A.-M. Huhtinen (2012)“Länsimainen sota on nyt niin kuin se tulkitaan — ‘Länsimaisen sodan taloudellisen yksityistymisen ja kokonaisvaltaisen suunnittelun integraatio’” Kosmopolis (viewpoint) 2–3/2012.

“Mitä ‘kyberiä’ on turvallisuudessa?” politiikasta.fi (31.10.2014)
“Conceptualising Cyber-Physical Power in the Early 21st Century: Is the United States Winning or Losing?” Post-Hegemonic Global Governance, 3rd Edition. National Security Institute 2014, Institute for Training and Development.

Popularized articles
Setälä, M. & M. Salminen “Kyberturvallisuus alkaa yksilötasolta” Turvallisuus ja riskienhallinta 3/2016
Salminen, M. “Miten luottamus vaikuttaa tietoyhteiskuntaan?” Turvallisuus ja riskienhallinta 3/2013