Gladstone, Rupert

Postdoctoral Researcher, PhD

Arctic Global Change research group


PhD in Antarctic iceberg modelling and MSc in mathematical modelling from University of East Anglia, UK.  BSc in mathematics from Sheffield University, UK.

Research activities

Simulating glaciers and ice sheets and their interaction with climate.  Simulating and predicting behaviour of Svalbard icecaps Westfonna and Austfonna.  Marine ice sheet - ocean interactions, in particular Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica.  Marine ice sheet instability.  Grounding line modelling.

Projects closely linked to some of my interests:

  • Cornford, S.L., Martin, D.F., Graves, D.T., Ranken, D.F., LeBrocq, A.M., Gladstone, R M., Payne, A.J., Ng, E.G., Lipscomb, W.H. (2013) ‘Adaptive mesh, finite volume modeling of marine ice sheets’, Journal of Computational Physics, vol 232(1), pages 529–549
  • Pattyn, F. and MISMIP contributors including Gladstone, R.M. (2012) ‘Results of the Marine Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project, MISMIP’, The Cryosphere, vol. 6, pages 573-588
  • Gladstone, R.M., Rougier, J., Lee, V.L., Payne, A.J., LeBrocq, A., Shepherd, A., Hellmer, H., Cornford, S.L., Gregory, J.M., Edwards, T.L. (2012) ‘Ensemble Pine Island Glacier predictions with a flowline ice sheet model’, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, vol. 333-334, pages 191-199
  • Gladstone, R.M., Payne, A.J., Cornford, S.L. (2012), ‘Resolution requirements for grounding line modelling: sensitivity to basal drag and ice shelf buttressing’, Annals of Glaciology, vol. 53(60), pages 97-105
  • Gladstone, R.M., Payne, A.J., Cornford, S.L. (2010), ‘Parameterising the grounding line in ice sheet models’, The Cryosphere, vol 4 (4), pages 605-619, doi: 10.5194/tc-4-605-2010
  • Gladstone, R.M., Lee, V.L., Vieli, A., Payne, A.J. (2010), ‘Grounding line migration in an adaptive mesh ice sheet model’, Journal of Geophysical Research, vol 115, article no.: F04014, doi: 10.1029/2009JF001615 
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  • Gladstone, R.M., Ross, I., Valdes, P.J. and PMIP2 participants (2005) ‘Mid Holocene NAO: a PMIP2 model intercomparison’  Geophysical Research Letters. vol. 32, L16707, doi:10.1029/2005GL023596.
  • Gladstone, R.M. and Bigg, G.R. (2002), ‘Satellite Tracking of Icebergs in the Weddell Sea’  Antarctic Science vol. 14 (3): pages 278-287.
  • Gladstone, R.M., Bigg, G.R. and Nicholls, K.W. (2001) ‘Iceberg Trajectory Modelling and Meltwater Injection in the Southern Ocean’  Journal of Geophysical Research, vol. 106(C9), pages 19,901-19,915.

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 E-mail: Rupert.Gladstone(at) 

Current and recent research projects 

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