Blogi: Northern Political Economy
  • Cycle and Sustain, or There and Back Again

    5.9.2017 14:00

    Researcher Joonas Vola tells a story about his attempt to conduct ethnographic fieldwork by following the ideals of environmental and economic sustainability

  • Sámi Religion and Art as Systems of Embedded Knowledge

    9.8.2017 15:01

    Francis Joy, Doctoral Candidate at the University of Lapland, presents his dissertation concerning the study of Sámi Religion and Art

  • Coexisting Peacefully - Colloquium Images and Imaginaries

    3.7.2017 12:00

    The 2nd Peaceful Coexistence Colloquium - Reimagining Ethics and Politics of Space for the Anthropocene 6.-9.6.2017 took place in Pyhätunturi. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Refiguring laundry

    27.6.2017 15:00

    Research Professor Monica Tennberg participated the 13th Nordic Environmental Social Science Conference, 6-8th June 2017, in Tampere, Finland. What washing laundry has to do with it all?