Blogi: Northern Political Economy
  • Breathing in the City of Icebergs

    27.10.2017 12:00

    The thirds workshop for Recognizing Indigenous Rights and Local Perspectives - project (Nordic Council of Ministers) was held in the town of Ilulissat in mid-September. The travel opened up various new viewpoints to the local living circumstances in Greenland. Here is what we learned.

  • NPE Symposium 2017 - Political Arctic/Arctic Political

    5.10.2017 3:00

    The 2017 NPE Symposium “Political Arctic/Arctic Political” took place in Ylitornio 26-27 September. An international group of participants from the Nordic countries, Russia, Bangladesh and Mongolia shared their ideas about everyday life in the Arctic

  • Cycle and Sustain, or There and Back Again

    5.9.2017 14:00

    Researcher Joonas Vola tells a story about his attempt to conduct ethnographic fieldwork by following the ideals of environmental and economic sustainability

  • Sámi Religion and Art as Systems of Embedded Knowledge

    9.8.2017 15:01

    Francis Joy, Doctoral Candidate at the University of Lapland, presents his dissertation concerning the study of Sámi Religion and Art