Tieteellinen neuvottelukunta


(1.10.2013 - 30.9.2016)

The scientific board meets once a year and it has an advisory and supervisory role which includes following tasks:

  • The Board supports the leadership of the Arctic Centre by giving advice for research planning, science education, data management, communication and outreach. 
  • The Board advises on implementation of the Arctic Centre Strategy for 2020 that has been adopted in fall 2008. The Board assesses whether the benchmarks set out in the Strategy are being achieved.
  • The Board gives advice for evaluation the quality of the work of the Arctic Centre. 
  • The Board supports Arctic Centre’s national and international co-operation and networking with scientific partners as well as public and private sectors.
  • The Board supports the Arctic Centre in gaining external funding by giving advice and status for the Arctic Centre.

The Previous Arctic Centre Scientific Advisory Boards.