Blogi: Northern Political Economy
  • Arctic resilience(s)

    6.3.2017 13:00

    Research Professor Monica Tennberg is giving some remarks about the RESCuE project findings regarding the household resilience in the time of socio-economic crisis in Europe

  • On the road again - Nordic Tour in Inari

    7.2.2017 14:00

    Take a look to the researchers’ road trip to Ivalo and Inari villages in Northern Lapland in Finland

  • Visiting Author: Philip Hancock - 'Tales of a Christmas Tourist'

    12.12.2016 11:00

    Philip Hancock is a Professor of Work and Organisation from the Essex Business School, University of Essex. He will be authoring this year's Christmas tale from the standpoint of a Christmas tourist.

  • Researcher of the month: Paula Tulppo

    1.12.2016 16:00

    Paula Tulppo is a PhD researcher at the University of Lapland and a member of the NPE research team of the Arctic Centre. Her research focuses on the local views on the regional development projects taking place in cross-border region of Tornio Valley.