• ECoHuCy_meeting_London_Sept2017_550.jpg

    ECoHuCy workshop in London

    21.9.2017 16:04

    Enablement besides Constraints: Addressing a Cyber Multidisciplinary Framework for the Promotion of Human Security in the European High North (ECoHuCy) project partners met up on September 18th 2017 at the British Academy in London. This was the second project meeting in which partners presented the current state of their research efforts and discussed the project’s future trajectories. The meeting was organised by Swansea University.

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  • Sari-Stark-IMG_historical-.jpg

    Historical legacies in the northern tundra ecosystem

    9.6.2017 14:33

    The approach represents a scientific field called historical ecology, which is relatively new discipline and combines ecological research methods with humanities in order to gain deeper understanding on ecological processes and the human role in them

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  • Capture_AnnualReport2016_550x367.JPG

    Arctic Centre's Annual Report 2016

    16.5.2017 15:19

    Arctic Centre's Annual Report 2016 is now published.

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  • Video reportage on the living Sami cultural heritage.

    6.2.2017 8:31

    The Arctic Centre’s project Sami traditional knowledge and environmental decision making identified Sami traditional knowledge related to land use so that it can be better taken into account when making decisions about biodiversity and sustainable development, as well as the rights of the Sami people.

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  • Towards the new UArctic research network on Arctic migration

    4.1.2017 8:00

    In 2017 a new research team for the Arctic Centre and a new UArctic Thematic Network in the field of Arctic migration might be established. Nafisa Yeasmin, researcher of the Arctic Centre and initiator of the network, explains why there is a need to create a cross-national group of scientists researching the topic of migration to the North.

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  • Five minutes of reindeer's life in a round-up

    27.10.2016 15:00

    Corral from a reindeer’s point of view.

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  • Antarctic Ice Sheet will play important role in sea level rise

    1.4.2016 11:17

    Research Professor John Moore from the Arctic Centre is leading a new project, where a computer model of the Antarctic Ice Sheet is used to simulate its behaviour in response to changing climate.

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  • Indigeneity in Waiting: Elusive Rights and the Power of Hope

    22.3.2016 10:37

    The research project Indigeneity in Waiting: Elusive Rights and the Power of Hope views legal and institutional advances concerning indigenous peoples, and the promise of such advances, as an integral part of the ways in which political power is exercised today.

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  • What is happening with permafrost greenhouse gas releases?

    17.3.2016 13:08

    Arctic Centre research professor Bruce Forbes has taken part in an expert assessment, published in Environmental Research Letters on 7 March 2016. The results go to the core of Arctic related climate discussion: what is actually happening with permafrost greenhouse gas releases? Are we talking about a tipping point, a time bomb or what?

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  • Grant for the EU’s Arctic policy research

    3.3.2016 15:40

    Adam Stepien from the Arctic Centre at the University of Lapland has received a grant of EUR 16.000 from the Finnish Cultural Foundation for the final stage of work on his doctoral dissertation titled “The European Union’s Arctic policy as a region-focused coherence-making practice”. The grant covers in particular work towards developing policy instruments and policy ideas enhancing the EU’s procedural coherence in the Arctic.

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