EU-European Arctic Dialogue Seminar


Date: 21 November 2017 (9-18, registration from 8:20)

Location: Hotel Berlaymont, Brussels, Belgium (Boulevard Charlemagne 11-19)

Getting there: 200 m from Schuman metro station (lines 1 and 5) and railway station, buses 12 and 21 from the airport, buses 22, 60, 63, 64 stop nearby

Registration: the registration for the European Arctic Dialogue Seminar is now closed. We thank all registered participants for their interest in the seminar.

Programme and overview:

  Programme and Overview (updated)

Presentations at the Plenary session (9-11)

  LARS-OTTO REIERSEN - Presentation - European Arctic Environment and Climate

  ANNA KARLSDOTTIR - Presentation European Arctic Economies

  EERO YRJO-KOSKINEN Presentation - European Arctic resources

  ADAM STEPIEN Presentation - Euro-Arctic Dialogue Seminar-workshops methodology

Background papers for four thematic workshops:

  European Arctic Environment and Climate background paper*

  Diversifying European Arctic Economies background paper

  Accessibility and transport background paper

  Utilising European Arctic Resources background paper

Please consult prior to the Dialogue Seminar also:

  Joint Communication on an integrated EU policy for the Arctic (2016)

* Please note that the name of the first workshop has been changed to "European Arctic Environment and Climate" in order to highlight the fact that big part of the discussion is climate-related. However, the content of the workshop (and of the background paper) remain the same as earlier. The discussion on global climate change and EU mitigation measures will take place during the Dialogue Seminar in autumn 2018. 

The seminar will be a working event. The key element of the event will be thematic workshops, in which a moderator will facilitate discussion in groups of 20-25 participants. Participants will include Arctic stakeholders and experts, as well as EU officials. The thematic workshops are:

  • European Arctic Environment and Climate
  • Diversifying European Arctic Economies
  • Accessibility, Transport and Logistics
  • Utilizing European Arctic Resources

The seminar will consider various issues relevant for the European Arctic (defined as the part of the Arctic between Greenland and Northwest Russia), including aspects outlined in the Joint Communication on an integrated EU policy for the Arctic, published by the European Commission and the High Representative on 27 April 2016. For more information, we suggest you to visit the European External Action Service Arctic policy website

If you have any questions, please contact us at EUAPA(at)