Terhi Vuojala-Magga


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E-mail: terhi.vuojala-magga(at)ulapland.fi

Sustainable Development Research Group

Terhi´s works can be divided in two categories: multidisciplinary research projects dealing with global changes and anthropological writings based on her everyday life. However, her life and works mingle together as she approaches her works from the wilderness office of Kuttura reindeer herders´ forest village. This means that on one hand her research topics and ethnography get their birth from her everyday life and on the other hand from the research projects she works with. Northern environment with its fauna, flora and peoples have played the main role in the past writings, the main nominator in these research topics has been the global warming. Beside the main works she has been dealing with such issues as reindeer characteristics and training, ethnicity and encounters and family structures and lives of peoples in subsistence economies. 

She has an ever growing family of three generations; grandchildren, reindeer and fishing keep her occupied during her free time, and has great hopes in submitting her article based Ph.D. during 2014.

Current and recent projects:

  • RESCuE Patterns of Resilience during Socio-economic Crises among Households in Europe, 2014-2016, EU FP 7 Project
  • MISTRA Preparing for and Responding to Disturbance. Arctic lessons For Sweden 2011-2013 leader Carina Keskitalo Umeå University, Sweden and Monica Tennberg AC, Finland.
  • Reindeer Forage and Supplementary Feeding in a changing Climate 2008-2011 leader Minna Turunen
  • CAVIAR 2007-2010 Community adaptation and vulnerability in Arctic regions.
  • FIN-CAVIAR 2007-2009 funded by the Finnish Academy, leader Monica Tennberg.
  • The Ecological and Socioeconomical Responses of Global Change on Reindeer Pastures (ECOREIN) 2006-2009 Globaalimuutoksen ekologiset ja sosioekonomiset vaikutukset poronlaitumiin (ECOREIN) 

Key words: global change, climate change, traditional ecological knowledge, tacit knowledge, enskilmet, reindeer, reindeer herding, reindeer training, reindeer feeding, flood, encounters, Sámi, Finns

Selected publications, peer reviewed:

  • Vuojala-Magga T & Turunen M, T. 2015. Sami Reindeer Herders'  Perspective on Herbivory of Subarctic Mountain Birch Forests by Geometric Moths and Reindeer: A Case Study from Northern Finland. SpringerPlus, accepted. 
  • Tennberg M., Vuojala-Magga, T., Turunen (2010): “Ivalo River and its people: There have always been floods - what is the difference now?” (ed.. B.Smit and G.Hovelstrud) Community Adaptation and Vulnerability in the Arctic Regions. Springer
  • Vuojala-Magga, T. (2010): Knowing, training, learning: the importance of reindeer character and temperament for individuals and communities of humans and animals. In F.Stammler, H. Takaura eds. Good to Eat, Good to Live with: Animals and Nomads in Northern Eurasia and Africa. Northeast Asian Studies SerieX. Sondai: Centre for Northeast Asian Studies.
  • Vuojala-Magga, T., Turunen, M., Ryyppö, T., Tennberg, M. (2011). Resonance strategies of Sami reindeer herders in Northernmost Finland during climatically extreme years. Arctic 64(2): 227-241.
  • Vuojala-Magga T., 2011: Encounters in Boarder Crossing: A free Fall from those researched to a Finnish Researcher. In Histories from the North. Environments, Movements and Narratives.  Eds. John P. Ziker and Stammler F.  Boise state University, Arctic Centre. Pp. 120-134.
  • Vuojala-Magga, T., 2012: Adaptation of Sámi Reindeer Herding: EU Regulation and Climate Change. In Governing the Uncertain. Adaptation and Climate in Russia and Finland. Ed.Monica Tennberg. Springer, Dordrecht Heidelberg London New York. Pp. 101-122.
  • Vuojala-Magga 2012: The Road to the North – Passage of Encounters and Emotions: Encounters between Sámi and Finns in the Inari and Teno River Areas as Depicted in Poetry and Oral Tradition.  Arctic Anthropology .
    Minna Turunen, Pirita Oksanen, Terhi Vuojala-Magga, Inkeri Markkula, Marja-Liisa Sutinen, Juha Hyvönen (2013): Impacts of winter feeding of reindeer on vegetation and soil in the sub-Arctic: insights from a feeding experiment.  Polar Research 01/2013; 32(18610). DOI:http://dx.doi.org/10.3402/polar.v32i0.18610
  • Terhi Vuojala-Magga, Minna Turunen (2013): Experiences with an Arctic river – flood prevention in the town of Ivalo.  In book: Climate Change and Flood Risk Management: Adaptation and Extreme Events at the Local Level (ed. Carina H. Keskitalo) Chapter: 7. Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing: Cheltenhamn,Northampton.  Pp.237-270.
  • Turunen, Minna ja Vuojala-Magga Terhi (2013): Porojen talvinen lisäruokinta:luppopuiden hakkusta maasto- ja tarharuokintaan. Suomen Riista 59. S.86-99.  Julkaisijat: Suomen Riistanhoito-Säätiö ja RKTL. Saarijärven Offset OY:Saarijärvi. ISSN 0355-0656.
  • Turnen, Minna ja Terhi Vuojala-Magga (2014): Past and Present Winter Feeding of Reindeer in Finland: Herders’ Learning of Feeding Practices. Arctic, forthcoming.

Non-peer reviewed:

  • Vuojala-Magga, T. Tennberg M. Turunen M. 2010: Practical skills and tacit knowledge of Sámi Reindeer herders in the context of extreme weather events. AMS 90th Annual Meeting, Atlanta. Published  e-presentation. In Http://www. ams.confex.com/ams/pdfpapers/16555.pdf
  • Vuojala-Magga, T (2011): Karvakenkäantropologiaa hiljaisesta tiedosta ja tekemisen kulttuurista. Kulttuurien museo  21.1.2011. Suomen kansallismuseo. Published e-presentation.   http://www.nbn.fi/tiedostot/4beeff45.pdf
  • Turunen, M., Vuojala-Magga, T. 2011. Poron ravinto ja lisäruokinta muuttuvassa ilmastossa. Arktisen keskuksen tiedotteita 56. 55s. Reindeer Forage and Supplementary Feeding in Changing Climate. English Abstract. (Pdf in http://arcticcentre.org/)
  • Terhi Vuojala-Magga (2013): Missä sydämesi on Samuli Paulaharju? Matkalla Samuli Paulaharjun maailmaan. Kuhinaa Kyröjoessa ja joen rantamilla, Publisher: Samuli Paulaharjun säätiö, pp.30-37.