Dr. Rätti, Osmo

Senior scientist, PhD

Arctic Global Change research group /  Arktinen globaalimuutos

Tel. +358 (0)40 013 8804, (2776)
Email: forename.surname @ ulapland.fi

Focus of Research: Population ecology / Populaatioekologia

Osmo Rätti a long research background in northern and arctic ecology. His main research interest in recent years has been different aspects of grouse population ecology. Especially, He has studied the impact of parasites and diseases on population density changes of grouse. Also, he is Vice Director of the Arctic Centre.

  • Causes of grouse population fluctuations / Metsäkanalintujen kannanvaihteluiden syyt    
  • Sustainable harvesting of grouse populations / Metsäkanalintukantojen kestävä metsästysverotus
  • Parasite-vector-host interaction (blood parasites, black flies, grouse) / Loisen, väli-isännän ja isännän väliset vuorovaikutukset
  • Habitat fragmentation and population genetics of grouse / Elinympäristön pirstoutumisen vaikutus metsäkanalintujen populaatiogenetiikkaan
  • Epidemiology of viruses in birds / Virusten epidemiologia linnuissa

Keywords: population ecology, grouse, genetics, parasites, viruses, habitat fragmentation, hunting / populaatioekologia, metsäkanalinnut, genetiikka, loiset, virukset, elinympäristön pirstoutuminen, metsästys

Project: Effects of parasites on population dynamics of grouse / Loisten vaikutus metsäkanalintujen kannanvaihteluihin

Recent publications:

  • Jalava, K., Sane, J., Ollgren, J., Ruuhela, R., Rätti, O., Kurkela, S., Helle, P., Hartonen, S., Pirinen, P., Vapalahti, O. & Kuusi, M. (2013) Climatic, ecological and socioeconomical factors as predictors of Sindbis virus infections in Finland. Epidemiology and Infection, 141, 1857-1866.
  • Isomursu, M., Rätti, O., Liukkonen, T. & Helle, P. (2012) Susceptibility to intestinal parasites and juvenile survival are correlated with multilocus microsatellite heterozygosity in the Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus). Ornis Fennica, 89, 109-119.
  • Rajala, M., Kareksela, S., Rätti, O. & Suhonen, J. (2012) Age-dependent responses to alarm calls depend on foraging activity in Willow Tits Poecile montanus. Ibis, 154, 189-194.
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