Moore, John

Research Professor, PhD

Arctic Global Change research group /  Arktinen globaalimuutos


John Moore, British, Research Professor at University of Lapland Finland, Chief Scientist, College of Global Change and Earth System Science of Beijing Normal University, Guest professor, Polar Research Institute of China. Finnish representative on the International Arctic Science Committee, Glaciology Group. Editorial board member for The Cryosphere and Chinese Journal of Polar Science.

Research Activities: Past sea level change and prediction; natural and anthropogenic climate forcing; impacts of extreme events, and geoengineering scenarios. Developing new advanced statistical methods for time series analysis, with the aim of a mechanistic understanding of the climate system. Extraction of paleoclimate information from physical and chemical analysis of Arctic and Antarctic ice cores. Geophysical field work and computer modelling of glacier flow and evolution. Early work on the development of a theoretical basis for electrical conduction in ice as function of chemical impurities, followed by radar studies of Svalbard polythermal glaciers.

Cooperation mainly with Polar Research Institute of China, Tibetan Plateau Research Institute, Polish academy of Sciences and University of Uppsala . Ice core research with Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, French and British partners.

A few recent publications:
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