Meschtyb, Nina

Nina MeschtybResearcher (Orhelia -project)

Sustainable Development Research Group /
Anthropology research team

E-mail: meschtyb(at)
Tel.  +358404844078

Nina Meschtyb got her phD from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Ethnology and Anthropology.

She has extensive fieldwork experience in Russia, among European and Yamal Nenets reindeer herders, and also in Murmansk and Amur regions. Her main interests are in postsocialist transformation, gender in the tundra, cultural impacts of industrialisation, and relations of people to their authorities. She is also an excellent field photographer and has contributed to exhibitions on- and offline internationally.

In ORHELIA she will work with Kola Sami on their perception of and relations to the Soviet and post Soviet state through oral history and biographic interview analysis.