Lindroth, Marjo

Postdoctoral researcher, D.Soc.Sc. (international relations)
Research project Indigeneity in Waiting: Elusive Rights and the Power of Hope.

tel. 040-484 4028
email: marjo.lindroth (at)

Sustainable Development Research Group, Arctic Centre / Northern Political Economy research team

Research interests

  • biopolitics,
  • neoliberalism,
  • politics of rights,
  • indigeneity,
  • politics of hope and promise
  • Lindroth, Marjo and Sinevaara-Niskanen, Heidi (2016) The biopolitics of resilient indigeneity and the radical gamble of resistance. Resilience: International Policies, Practices and Discourses 4(2): 130-145.
  • Lindroth, Marjo (2015) Governing Indigeneity Globally : Indigenous Peoples in the United Nations.
  • Lindroth, Marjo (2014) Indigenous rights as tactics of neoliberal governance: practices of expertise in the United Nations. Social and Legal Studies 23(3): 341-360.
  • Lindoth, Marjo and Sinevaara-Niskanen Heidi (2014) Adapt or die? The biopolitics of indigeneity – from the civilising mission to the need for adaptation. Global Society 28(2): 180-194.
  • Valkonen, Sanna ja Lindroth, Marjo (2013) Performatiivisia näkökulmia alkuperäiskansojen poliittiseen toimijuuteen ja osallistumiseen YK:n alkuperäiskansojen pysyvässä foorumissa. Politiikka 55(3): 256-270.
  • Lindroth, Marjo and Sinevaara-Niskanen, Heidi (2013) At the crossroads of autonomy and essentialism: Indigenous peoples in international environmental politics. International Political Sociology 7(3): 274-293.
  • Lindroth, Marjo (2011) Paradoxes of power: Indigenous peoples in the Permanen Forum. Cooperation and Conflict 46(4): 542 - 561.
  • Lindroth, Marjo (2006) Indigenous-state relations in the UN: establishing the Indigenous Forum. Polar Record 42(3): 239-248.