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Master of Arts, the Science of Religion, University of Helsinki, Finland 2007. Major subject: Shamanism and Rock art in Finland.

Batchelor of Arts degree with Honours, European history and The Study of Religion; Bath Spa University, The United Kingdom, 2004. Major subject: The study of Religions; Minor subject: European War History.

Title of dissertation: Shamanism, animism, totemism and Sami art, a contemporary study.

The History of Lapland has been characterised by the evens which saw the practice of an indigenous form of shamanism go underground as a response to religios conversion and cultural upheaval administered during the colonial era which swept through the Sami homelands throughout Scandinavia. As a response to these changes, the symbols from the ancient hunting culture which are depicted through rock paintings and Sami noaidi-shaman drums representing Sami worldview and cosmology began their journey from the realm of the sacred towards the domesticated. As the result of these historical events, currently, there is a research gap into the practice of shamanism amongst the Sami in Finland and the purpose of the doctoral studies is to investigate and examine how this can be seen in a contemporary way through different forms of art.

Scientific Publications

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 Other Publications

  • Joy, Francis 2015. Saamelaisen kulttuurin ja hengellisyyden elävät traditiot 
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Newspaper articles

  • Joy, Francis (2014). Kalliomaalauksissa yhtäläisyyttä saamelaisuuteen, in: Lapin Kansa, number 120, p34. Translated from English to Finnish by Maria-Riitta Mallinen

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